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About us

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Nationally recognised ITT

The University of Warwick has a long-standing reputation for providing ITT of the highest quality. Our nationally recognised ITT and Specialist programmes develop the attributes, knowledge, resilience and skills required of those wishing to enter teaching in the FE and Skills Sector

Qualifications and Pathways

For those who wish to teach in the Further Education and Skills Sector, including the subjects of English, Maths and SEN, we offer flexible modes of study and provision including; the Award (Level 3) and Certificate (Level 4) in Education and Training, the Diploma(s) in Education and Training (Level 5) and PhD and Sector specific modules

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Links to Professional Bodies

We work closely with the West Midlands Centre of Excellence in Teacher Training (WMCETT) and liaise with other professional bodies e.g. the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) to ensure our programmes are innovative, meet sector demands and are of the highest quality

Teachers as professionals

Teaching is a demanding profession which requires a strong understanding of economic, political and social influences that impact on education. Teachers require an excellent understanding of learning and assessment theories and their application to practice, and an innate ability to critically reflect in order to continuously improve

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