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Course Structure

A typical week on the course:

Monday - Placement or study and preparation (over the three days; two days placement one day study)

Tuesday - Placement or study and preparation (over the three days; two days placement one day study)

Wednesday - Placement or study and preparation (over the three days; two days placement one day study)

Thursday - Taught sessions 10am-3pm

Friday - Taught sessions 10am-3pm (seven specialist days throughout year where timings are 9.30am-4.30pm)

Further details about the course structure can be found on this page.

Course Induction

All successful applicants otherwise known as teacher trainees, will be expected to attend a two week long induction programme which will prepare them for teaching in the FE and Skills Sector.

Taught days

Teacher trainees are required to attend the University for two taught days per week. Sessions last for a whole day, typically 10am-3pm with breaks and lunch (seven specialist days throughout year 9.30am-4.30pm). The days are highly interactive and combine a range of pedagogical approaches designed to model good practice and give trainees ideas which could translate into their own classroom practice. This usually involves presentation, whole and small group work, peer learning and assessment and the use of a range of new technologies (e.g. voting technology, iPads) to support learning.


Teacher trainees are expected to attend a placement, which could be in any lifelong learning setting, for two days per week for the duration of the course, and can be anywhere across the Midlands.
Trainees can source their own placements and liase with the placement officer or we will source them.

Teaching Practice and observations
Teacher trainees are expected to complete at least 150 hours teaching practice, and will be observed at least eight times during the programme (by an experienced subject mentor and/or a subject specialist teacher trainer). It is expected that trainees will build on and develop their practice throughout these observations, in line with Ofsted standards. Trainees will also have the opportunity to observe a peer. Teaching observations form a key aspect of the summative assessment for this course.


Teacher trainees will complete six assignments. Assignments provide an opportunity for practitioners to link theory to practice and include themes on the economic and political context, teaching, learning and assessment methods, action research, curriculum design and inclusive resources. Assignments are a key part of the summative assessment for this course.

Reflective practice

All teacher trainees will be required to reflect on their practice and many of the study tasks on this course are reflective in nature. Students will complete a electronic Professional Development Portfolio which supports professional dialogue between them, their tutor and mentor, allowing for critical reflection and evaluation linked to impact on practice.

Tutorials and support

All teacher trainees will have a named personal tutor and subject specialist mentor. Online guidance as well as face-to-face opportunities are integral to this course.

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Qualifications explained
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