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Mentor observations


Teaching observations are a vital part of a trainee teacher's programme of study. On our courses, mentors can usually carry out the third out of four observations in one year.

The Observation Process

A trainee teacher would normally have four observations throughout the academic year of study; the first in October/November; the second in November/December; the third in January/February and the final observation in March/April. This allows sufficient time in between observations for the trainees to develop their skills and demonstrate what they have learned from previous observations. On the front sheet of the observation form there is a section entitled 'Action points identified in last observation'. When you come to carry out your observation, you should note these developmental points and look to see if the trainee is demonstrating them. In turn, you should also indicate suitable developmental points on your observation form, as appropriate.

Completing the Observation Forms

On the right, you will find the observation report form which we would ask you to use to record your findings. In addition, there is some supporting information that has been given to your mentee, to show them what kinds of things they are expected to demonstrate. The observation form has been constructed to support a developmental observation approach rather than a judgemental one.

In addition, on the right hand side is an example of a completed observation form, to give you a sense of the level of detail and kinds of information which is helpful to record.

Sending the Observation Forms

Once completed, you should email your observation form to your mentee for approval. They will then upload this record to their Teaching Record page on their e-portfolio.

If you require further support or information, please contact one of the course tutors (see link for course tutors).