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Role of the mentor


The University has made some recent changes to the Initial Teacher Training Programmes to try and ensure that the development of subject specialist teaching skills is at the heart of the course. An important part of this developmental process is the role of the mentor. We know that mentors can play a crucial role in supporting their mentees through sharing their experience and expertise in a supportive and encouraging manner. To support you in this role we have developed a mentoring guidance document suggesting ways in which you could support your mentee. You should receive a copy of this handbook and a welcome email message from one of the course tutors at the start of the course. Your mentee also has a copy of this handbook but if you haven't received it you can download a copy by clicking on the link to the right.

Tutors and Mentors

Each trainee on the course will have a personal tutor. The tutor is usually someone with direct teaching responsibility on the course and is responsible for overseeing the progress and support of their tutees, in terms of their coursework, assignments, observations and other, pastoral duties. You should receive an email indicating who the tutor is for your mentee and their relevant contact details. As many of our tutors work part time, additional key course contacts are also available. You may contact the course tutor at any time and they may, periodically, contact you throughout the year of study. Although, essentially, the tutor and mentor have different roles, they should be complementary and work together to ensure the trainee has the best experience of the programme.

Record Keeping

We would also like you to be more involved in the assessment of the mentee's teaching skills. On the right hand side there are a range of forms to record the support given and the assessment of teaching skills. These are also attached as appendices in the Mentor Handbook. As an alternative to these documents, or in addition, each trainee on the course has their own online e-portfolio with a Mentor Record page to which you can contribute. Details of this page are in the Mentor Handbook (appendix 5) and the welcome email message contains login details related to your mentee. We appreciate that all mentors and mentees work in different ways, and we are happy with whichever method of recording suits you best.