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Course structure

Structure of the Course

  • 42 hours of attendance (7 days)
  • Dates for attendance
  • Average 6 hours of flexible study per week + 3 hours additional reading
  • Credit value: Additional Diploma 45 credits at HE level 2; DTLLS (English literacy)(English ESOL)(Mathematics numeracy)120 credits at HE level 2
  • 3 written assignments totalling 7500 words (Additional diploma); 5 written assignments totalling 11000 words (DTLLS)
  • Professional Development Portfolio (including an electronic portfolio and Teaching Observation File)
  • Final completion date for handing in work for year one: June 2011 (dates vary for each course)
  • Four one hour observations in year one (by course tutor - one may be done by a mentor in the workplace); four one hour observations in year two for DTTLS course
  • At least 75 hours of subject specialist teaching to be undertaken during the course (of which three quarters must be done with groups larger than 4 and which must cover more than one level) except for the March numeracy course where the required number of hours teaching is 50.
  • Regular email and telephone tutorials available


The DTLLS and Additional Diploma courses are run via a blended approach of taught sessions and distance study work. The trainees have a monthly work timeline of tasks which they need to complete before the next taught session. The Timelines are here to give you an indication of the type of work which your mentees are undertaking and the workload they have each month, including assignment deadlines. The Literacy, Numeracy and 2nd Year Timelines (Literacy and Numeracy) can be accessed by the tabs on the left.

Please see the course overviews for each subject for additional information.


Course schedule (dates and themes of study):


ESOL (Year One)

Literacy (Year One)

Numeracy (Year One)

DTLLS (Year Two)


Course Deadlines

Final completion
dates for PDP:

Literacy ~ 06/06/12
Numeracy ~ 11/06/12
2nd Year ~ 20/06/12
March numeracy ~ 14/12/12