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Course Overview Numeracy (Year One)

The table below shows an overview of the course, including session dates, themes and assignment due dates.

Session date Session themes Tutor Work handed out (H)/due in (D) Observations/tutorials due

Induction DTLLS (09/09/10) 

Course overview, barriers to learning; reflective practice, Skills for Life teaching, IT induction EG/SH/AS    

Induction Adds (22/09/10)

Course overview, barriers to learning; reflective practice, Skills for Life teaching, IT induction


Session 0 DTLLS

Principles of inclusive practice, differentiation, principles of good feedback, Minimum Core


Assignment 0.1 (H)
Assignment 0.2 (H)

Session 1  (22/10/10)

National levels of numeracy and the implications; definitions of numeracy & mathematics; public perceptions of maths & numeracy; historical policy context; assessment and the learner journey; individual learning plans; beliefs about maths teaching & learning.

 SP/EG Assignment 0.2 (D)
Session 2  (19/11/10)

Theories, values & principles of effective maths teaching & learning; strategies & resources for developing conceptual understanding; mistakes and misconceptions; history of number and notational systems.

 SP/EG Assignment 1 (H)
Assignment 0.1 (D)

Observation 1 (Oct/Nov)    
Tutorials (optional)

Session 3   (10/12/10)

Methods of calculation; mental maths; activities to develop number bonds; estimation & checking strategies; fractions, decimals & percentages; planning effective lessons.

Session 4

Numeracy in context; functional maths & problem solving; embedded approaches to numeracy teaching; personal maths histories; teaching & learning measures, shape & space


Assignment 1 (D)    
Assignment 2 (H)

 Observation 2 (Dec/Jan)

Session 5

Use & misuse of statistics; teaching & learning data handling; language and numeracy; effective questioning techniques.

 SP/EG Assignment 3 (H)  
Session 6

Discussion in the numeracy classroom; numeracy learning difficulties and disabilities; learning styles; divergent approaches to formative assessment.

 SP/EG Assignment 2 (D)  

Observation 3 (Feb/Mar)  Tutorials (core)

Session 7

Mathematical proof and links to algebra; mathematical investigations; ILT and numeracy learning; comparing summative assessments; what next & course evaluation.

 SP/EG    Observation 4 (Apr/May)

Final deadline

Hand in portfolio/complete online portfolio of work  

Assignment 3
(Due 31/05/11) PDP/Assignments