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Supporting Mentors



Welcome to the Supporting Mentors pages and thank you for agreeing to act as a mentor to a trainee undertaking the Certificate in Education and Training (CET); the Diploma in Education and Training (DET); Post Graduate Diploma in Education: FE and Skills (PGDE) or one of the Subject Specialist Diplomas (English, Maths, SEND) accredited by the University of Warwick. We value your input and are looking forward to working with you.

Mentor training

Although your mentee will be able to tell you about their individual course, this part of the site has been designed to support you in your role as mentor and provide you with some key course information and contacts you need. The training information has been organised into eight sections according to topic; please do read/view each page thoroughly before clicking onto the next page. The first part (Mentor Initial Questionnaire) will enable us to get some insight into the qualifications, skills and experience of our mentors, and to establish any further training needs. Section 8 provides you with an opportunity to demonstrate that you have completed this training through the Mentor evaluation form.

Dates for the courses

Each college and the Univesity have different course dates and your trainee will be able to give you the dates for his/her course.


All trainees are using online e-portfolios to which you can contribute, please ask your trainee to provide you woth access.

Site feedback

We would welcome your comments and ideas for improvement of this site via email

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