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Subject Mentor's Handbook

Thank you for taking on the role of subject specialist mentor for a trainee teacher on the University of Warwick’s programme of Initial Teacher Training (ITT). You have joined a team of people whose efforts will transform education and training in the Lifelong Learning Sector.

Within the Warwick partnership, we aim to train teachers who will set themselves high standards and continually aim to improve their skills and understanding. We recognise that our trainees will all begin at different starting points so we aim to work with individual trainees to develop the skills they have and raise awareness in them of their potential.

We asked our trainees recently about the help and guidance they had received from their subject mentors and most rated help from their mentors as one of the best aspects of their training programme.

Good luck with your mentoring – we hope you enjoy the experience too!

1.a) What’s the job of a subject mentor?