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1.c) What is not included in the job?

You are not their counsellor: this is a professional relationship and the Mentoring Agreement (in 4. Appendices) sets out what you should both be expected to do or not do. Similarly you are not their manager, although some mentees may have their line manager as their mentor. We use the word ‘supervision’ in the sense that you are keeping an eye on their teaching and aiming to help them to do it better, but we are realistic about the amount of time which any mentor may have to give to a new teacher.

It is vital that everyone working with the trainee is aware of what is happening so keep in touch! Your trainee’s Professional Development Portfolio is a key electronic and paper-based document to help with this – so insist that you see it regularly. This is where the trainee keeps a range of evidence about their developing skills as a teacher. One section, the Teaching Observation File, will house all the observation reports, the trainee’s evaluation of observed lessons and their reflections on what was said to them. Please look at these documents regularly to check that you and the trainee’s observer are both working in harmony and if there is any doubt, speak to them about your trainee.

2. The Teacher Training Programme