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2.a) About the LLN Subject Specialist Programme

About the Literacy, ESOL and Numeracy (LLN) Subject Specialist teacher training programme generally

The University of Warwick offers an initial teacher training programme for would-be and practising LLN teachers working in the lifelong learning sector. The programme has two possible journeys for the trainee teacher. Both journeys begin with an introductory course called Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS). Once a PTLLS course is completed, adult literacy, ESOL or numeracy trainees choose the progression route most suited to them. Some will prefer to move on to the generic Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector (DTLLS). This is a two year programme, which would need to be followed with a one year Subject Specialist (Literacy, ESOL or Numeracy) Additional Diploma in order for teachers to be fully qualified. After engaging in Professional Formation this could lead to Qualified Teacher Status: Learning and Skills (QTLS). Alternatively most trainees prefer to move from the PTLLS to a two year partly integrated subject specialist DTLLS programme which includes the subject specialist training, and similarly, can lead to QTLS. Some trainees may already hold a legacy generic teacher training qualification so may only be undertaking an additional diploma for their subject specialism.

All these courses are part-time and most trainees are already in employment as teachers, trainers or instructors. Some may even be working full-time. In addition all the courses are studied at level 5. So they are faced with a challenge as they undertake this programme.

[More information about the course programme and the assessment schedule can be found on the Supporting Mentors page.]

2.b) Trainees’ Teaching Practice