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2.b) Trainees’ Teaching Practice

Think of the course as two parallel lines. The top line is the course and their coursework: five assignments in Year 1, four assignments in year 2 (DTLLS) or three assignments on the additional diploma programme.

Trainee Teaching Practice

The lower line stands for their professional development as a teacher and it is at this point where your knowledge, skills and enthusiasm can make a huge difference to a trainee teacher. Trainees are expected to teach for 150 hours over the two years of the DTLLS programme (75 hours for the additional diploma). Your role as mentor is to supervise and/or support their teaching and guide them with any aspects of their teaching where it is clear that they need to extend their skills. You will work with the tutor who observes your trainee, to improve their teaching skills and to help them to become a reflective practitioner who will continue to want to improve their teaching as a matter of personal pride.

During a DTLLS two year course the teacher trainer will make at least six observations; for the additional diploma there will be at least three. Your part in this process is different in kind to that of the teacher trainer/observer. You will supervise/support a wider range of teaching activities than that which takes place in the classroom or workshop. However, you will be required to observe your mentee twice on the two year programme or once on the one year programme.

2.c) Trainees on the Programme