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3.c) Standards

How do I know whether my trainee has reached an appropriate standard of work?

Remember that this programme takes a developmental approach to bringing on the teaching skills of the trainee. Whatever their starting-point, they should be improving as the course progresses. You are not alone in overseeing the teaching of this trainee; others will have observed whole sessions but will take a more formal approach. They will have written a full observation report on what they have seen.

You should expect your mentee to bring his or her Teaching Observation File with them when they talk to you so that you can also see these reports. You will find them helpful in identifying areas where your mentee needs to improve his/her teaching skills. You will not need to report on your trainee until the end of each year unless you have major concerns about his or her teaching, when you will consult the Programme Manager.

However, we should like you to use the Feedback Form (Appendix 2) included in the documents section to give feedback to your mentee about any aspect of their teaching; it would also be useful if you could oversee the Record of Mentoring (Appendix 3) as a means of tracking your meetings with your trainee and the discussion which took place. It is the trainee’s responsibility to maintain this record. Your encouragement to do so would be helpful and you may wish to keep a copy for yourself, particularly of the targets you have set.

At the end of Year 1 and at the end of Year 2 (for the DTLLS) you will consolidate the Record of Mentoring and draw up the Subject Mentor’s Profile of Trainee (Appendix 4) which lists areas of strength and areas for development. This information will be blended into the assessments made by the tutors so that the trainee can be set appropriate targets for year 2 or for the period following the end of their course, before they apply for QTLS.

3.d) What should I expect from my mentee?