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3.d) What should I expect from my mentee?

The following list might help you with making comments on your trainee:

  • Are they listening to feedback? (openness)
  • Are they seeking to improve? (attitude)
  • Do they work hard enough at what they are doing? (effort)
  • Have they made progress during the supervision? (development)
  • Can they evaluate honestly the quality of their work? (reflectivity)
  • Are they in the right job working with appropriate level of learner?
  • Do they have the ability to reach the appropriate standard?
  • Can they identify with what they need to do to improve their teaching skills?

If the answer to all the above is ‘Yes’, your trainee has developed from their original starting point and is likely to develop further. Work with your trainee to identify action points – or targets - which, if followed, will ensure further development. At the end of each year, review what has been achieved over the year. Use the Subject Mentor’s Profile of Trainee to outline strengths demonstrated during the year and the areas for development. The trainee will be able to use this profile after they have finished the course for the Professional Formation stage of gaining their QTLS status. Both you and your mentee should sign the Profile as an agreement of what has been achieved and what areas for development are planned. These documents are formative assessments of the trainee.

An assignment in year 2 of the DTLLS, Assignment 3, requires further reflection on the trainee’s part on their progress through their training; you should ask to see this at the appropriate time.

3.e) Discussions