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3.e) Discussions

In the Forms section of this handbook, you will find one page from the Professional Standards for Teachers and Trainers in the FE and Skills Sector (Appendix 1) which sets out simply what your mentee should be able to do by the end of the course as far as the subject specialism is concerned. It will guide you as to what is expected of your mentee.

You might find it useful to use this checklist at points during your mentoring discussions:

  • Subject knowledge: what level does the trainee have?
  • Understanding learners’ needs: differentiation between learners
  • Planning: long and short-term
  • Delivery and resources
  • Managing the learning
  • Assessment
  • Evaluation and Reflection
  • Managing classroom or workshop behaviour
  • Equality and Diversity issues
  • Motivating learners
  • ILT skills of the trainee

Each one of the above list is an important part of the teacher’s role. Whilst you are talking to your trainee, try to assess his or her level of understanding about what is appropriate within your subject area on each of these topics then use this to set the next target.

3.f) What if things go wrong?