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About Mentoring

On this page you will find a short (5' 05''), informal screencast produced by the ITT Team at the University of Warwick in 2013. This has been produced for mentors of DET trainees however, much of the information contained in this screencast is also relevant to mentors supporting PGDE trainees. This is to supplement the training you will have received within your organisation (or at the University for PGDE mentors).

If you would like to explore what mentoring is in more detail there are lots of resources on the West Midlands Centre for Excellence (WMCETT) site.

Hover the mouse at the bottom left hand side of the slide, and click the arrow forward key to play/pause.

Please note, teaching observations are a vital part of a trainee teacher's programme of study. As from 2017, on the DET course, mentors will carry out four of the eight observations required for the course (two per year, the first each year being conducted jointly with a University or College tutor).


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