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Course Overview (Year Two)

The table below shows an overview of the course, including session dates, themes and assignment due dates.

Session Date Session themes Tutor Work handed out (H)/due in (D) Observations/tutorials due
Session 1  (29/09/10) Induction; Equality and Diversity  AS/EG Assignment 2 and 4 (H)  
Session 2  (20/10/10) Curriculum models and design  AS/SH  

Observation 1 (Oct-Nov)

Session 3  (24/11/10)

Trainee presentations; Action Research  AS/SH Assignment 2 (D) Tutorial (Dec)
Session 4 (26/01/11) Political and economic issues; Roles and Responsibilities  AS/SH Assignment 1 (H) Observation 2 (Dec/Jan)
Session 5 (23/02/11) Group seminars; Structures  AS/SH Assignment 4 (D)  
Session 6 (23/03/11) Reflective Practice  AS/SH

Assignment 1 (D)                 Assignment 3 (H)

Observation 3 (Feb/Mar) 

Session 7 (25/05/11) Quality; Review of the course  AS/SH Assignment 3 (D) Observation 4 (Apr/May)

Final deadline (22/06/11) 

Hand in portfolio/complete online portfolio of work