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Course Overview ESOL (Year One)

The table below shows an overview of the course, including session dates, themes and assignment due dates.

Session date Session themes Tutor Work handed out (H)/due in (D) Observations/tutorials due

Induction DTLLS (09/09/10) 

Course overview, barriers to learning; reflective practice, Skills for Life teaching, IT induction EG/SH/AS    

Induction Adds (22/09/10)

Course overview, barriers to learning; reflective practice, Skills for Life teaching, IT induction EG/SH/AS    
Session 0 DTLLS
Principles of inclusive practice, differentiation, principles of good feedback, Minimum Core EG/DP/SH

Assignment 0.1 (H)
Assignment 0.2 (H)

Session 1  (13/10/10)

Learning a language, Frameworks for describing language, Why do we need grammar? Word level concepts: morphology, phonology


Assignment 0.2 (D)
Assignment 1 (H)

Session 2  (10/11/10) Review of phonology, connected speech, sentence stress, intonation. Approaches to teaching grammar. Word and sentence level concepts: word class and function. Lexis DP/RR

Assignment 0.1 (D)

Observation 1 (Oct/Nov)    
Tutorials (optional)

Session 3   (08/12/10)

Text analysis – genre, coherence and cohesion, critical language awareness. Teaching writing – the mechanics. DP/RR
Session 4
Spoken and written discourse, features of speech, pragmatics.  Teaching speaking and listening skills. Teaching writing – product and process DP/RR

Assignment 1 (D)    
Assignment 2 (H)

 Observation 2 (Dec/Jan)

Session 5

Acquisition of literacy skills – reading; how we read.  Teaching beginner readers.  Literacy practices and events. Visual literacy and multimodal texts; Good practice in developing ESOL resources

Assignment 3 (H)  
Session 6

Approaches and methods in ESOL teaching. Language acquisition and the classroom. Interlanguage

Assignment 2 (D)  

Observation 3 (Feb/Mar)  Tutorials (core)

Session 7
Bilingualism, Language and society, language and power.  Language variety and change RR
   Observation 4 (Apr/May)

Final deadline

Hand in portfolio/complete online portfolio of work  

Assignment 3
(Due 27/05/11) PDP/Assignments