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Course Overview: Literacy (Year One)

The table below shows an overview of the course, including session dates, themes and assignment due dates.

Session date Session themes Tutor Work handed out (H)/due in (D) Observations/tutorials due

Induction DTLLS (09/09/10) 

Course overview, barriers to learning; reflective practice, Skills for Life teaching, IT induction EG/SH/AS    

Induction Adds (22/09/10)

Course overview, barriers to learning; reflective practice, Skills for Life teaching, IT induction EG/SH/AS    
Session 0 DTLLS
Principles of inclusive practice, differentiation, principles of good feedback, Minimum Core EG/DP/SH
Assignment 0.1 (H)
Assignment 0.2 (H)
Session 1
Grammatical frameworks, phonetics and phonology, word level concepts, morphology, history of English  EG Assignment 0.2 (D)
Session 2
Definitions of grammar, spoken discourse theories, teaching speaking and listening skills  SH Assignment 1 (H)
Assignment 0.1 (D)

Observation 1 (Oct/Nov)
Tutorials (optional)

Session 3

Grammatical frameworks: Word class and function, syntax, coherence and cohesion in writing, teaching grammar, text analysis  SH    
Session 4
Reading: acquition of skills, reading theories, the teaching of reading to adults, reading strategies, miscue analysis  EG

Assignment 1 (D)    
Assignment 2 (H)

 Observation 2 (Dec/Jan)
Session 5
Writing: acquisition of skills, writing theories, the teaching of writing to adults, analysing and teaching spelling  EG Assignment 3 (H)  
Session 6
New Literacy Studies, learning theories, critical analysis, language and society, language and power, critical language awareness  EG/SH Assignment 2 (D)  

Observation 3 (Feb/Mar)  Tutorials (core)

Session 7
Language and literacy acquisition, supporting ESOL learners, language variety and change, literacy and new technologies  SH    Observation 4 (Apr/May)

Final deadline 

Hand in portfolio/complete online portfolio of work  

Assignment 3
(Due 31/05/11) PDP/Assignments