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Anna Tchamba and Shaun Smith studied our Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) (FE and Skills Sector). Learn more about why they decided to take this course and what the year involves:

This video was filmed in April 2016.

This video was filmed in January 2016.

Gareth Jennings, Head of Education

Leicester City Football Club

Year of DTLLS: 2010-12


Background information

I was working as an unqualified teacher at The Oxford Academy teaching PE and managing sports development, when I first became interested in becoming a qualified teacher. Although I had a lot of experience as a coach I knew to become more respected in my field and enhance my career prospects I had to continue to learn and saw a teaching qualification as the natural pathway to follow. I researched all pathways, and visited the University to speak with the course tutors to discuss flexible learning options. The course actually supported my current teaching role so effectively that it made my workload a lot more manageable.

Current position and details on progress

On completion of the Diploma, I found that I was given a lot more respect from my teaching colleagues as well as more opportunities to teach in different areas of the school. The course gave me confidence to try new teaching techniques and explore how my students learn, and I soon progressed in my career. I am currently Head of Education at Leicester City Football Club where I oversee all education; I also lead on Coach Education and work on a part-time basis for The Football Association as a Quality Assurance Monitor for their Coach Education Programmes. I have recently started a Masters course in Sports Coaching which I was only able to access because of my Teaching Diploma from Warwick University.

Impact of Initial Teacher Training

The Impact that the DTLLS course has had on my career has been huge, I feel a lot more competent as a teacher (I am hooked on education!) it has given me a valued teaching qualification that is widely recognised. Aside from the qualification, I also gained a support network from my colleagues, the course candidates and the tutors who still offer me advice and guidance now and were always available to steer me through the programme. Overall I would thoroughly recommend this course to any aspiring teachers or if you have an interest in education and learning.