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Amie's Case Study

Name of trainee: Amie Smith

Year completed DTLLS: 2013

Current job title: Lecturer – Hairdressing

Current place of employment: South and City College Birmingham

Background information (starting point)

Amie began as a sessional lecturer (agency staff) on the Hairdressing team at South Birmingham College. She chose to do the DTLLS as she believed this would allow her to progress to a permanent position in teaching.

Current position and details on progress

I am currently a personal tutor to 4 groups. I teach all levels of hairdressing ESOL, Level1, Level 2 and Level 3. I teach a range of different students from 16 – 50, I find this helps as it ensures I am able to adapt my teaching to different learners.

I have been teaching since September 2011 and through the years my responsibility has increased. I started with 1 personal tutor group and now have 4. I am also responsible for the standardisation meetings for the ESOL and level 1 programme.

Impact of ITT

I feel that ITT has had a significant impact on me and my career as it has allowed me to achieve my goal whilst constantly learning.