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Danielle's Case Study

Name of trainee: Danielle Carver

Year completed DTLLS: Completes Year 1 in 2014

Current job title: Hairdressing Trainer

Current place of employment: Cooper and Taylor

Background information (starting point)

Danielle works in a hairdressing training academy teaching on NVQs. The awarding organisation feel that the trainers should have a teaching licence and her Manager identified DTLLS as the most suitable

Current position and details on progress

Started September 2012 with the PTLLS in a large group. She did not feel that her voice could be heard in a large group and her individual needs were not being met. Early tasks on PTLLS were meeting level 3 but not level 4.

January 2013 - moved to a smaller group and now feels more confident that her needs are being met and her enthusiasm for teaching is very apparent. She has put in additional effort to carry out secondary research and assignments are now consistently in the mid 60s. There have been many distractions in her work life however she has remained focussed

Impact of ITT

Academic standards have improved greatly over the past 6 months. Observation clearly identifies good practice with an enthusiastic approach to place the learner at the centre of learning.