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Jo's Case Study

Name of trainee: Jo Harvey

Year completed DTLLS: 2013

Current job title: Ceramics Teacher

Current place of employment: Royal National College

Background information (starting point)

I have been with the Royal National College for five years and am a Ceramics Teacher. I teach from Entry Level up to A Level as well as being involved in recreational clubs and courses. My favourite part of my job is the practical work with the students. I enjoy being able to teach them the skills and techniques they need to bring their ideas to fruition.

Current position and details on progress

This is an incredibly challenging course. The knowledge within it is vast and daunting at times but my tutor was so incredibly supportive and really helped me through it. Now, I have been able to apply the knowledge in practice and I am really seeing the long term benefits of the course.
I got a Grade 1 for my teaching from the College’s recent Ofsted visit, I was pleased as punch! I think because I had completed my teacher training I felt better prepared and organised with my forward planning, paperwork and overall organisation.

Impact of ITT

Even though the academic side of the course was demanding, the reflective practice and working with each student as an individual came naturally to me. I used to get quite nervous and self-conscious about observations prior to the course though now I am happy for anyone to come in! I became so used to delivering presentations; my self-confidence has been greatly improved.