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Sima's Case Study

Name of trainee: Sima Kaur

Year completed DTLLS: 2013

Current job title: Fractional permanent lecturer Business Administration

Current place of employment: Henley College Coventry

Background information (starting point)

Sima was the Development Unit administrator at Henley College Coventry. She also taught a couple of classes as a sessional lecturer for the Business Administration programme area. She chose to undertake the DTLLS course as she was passionate about teaching and wanted this to become her main role.

Current position and details on progress

Sima is now employed as a permanent lecturer in Business Administration. She teaches across levels 1, 2 & 3 and Functional Skills and ages vary from 16-18 and adults and is personal tutor to a Business Administration Level 3 group.

Impact of ITT

The DTLLS has helped me improve my teaching in many ways. The feedback that I received from my teaching observations allowed me to gain confidence when dealing with classroom management. It also helped me gain ideas on how to stretch and challenge learners and help them reach their full potential. I have also established a good idea on how to use different teaching techniques in order to engage learners.