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Tracy's Case Study

Name of trainee: Tracy Harrall

Year completed DTLLS: 2013

Current Job Title: Course Organiser/Lecturer and Progress Teacher for NEETS
Current place of employment: City College Coventry

Background information (starting point)

After bringing up 4 sons as a single parent Tracy enrolled on a hairdressing course at City college, gaining both Levels 2 and 3 and an Assessor qualification.
While completing her Level 3 her tutor asked her to support her year 2 peer – she proved to be very good at this.
Her tutor suggested she trained to teach and she enrolled on the DTLLS course. While on the course she taught hairdressing, including picking up a cohort of learners at a different college who were in danger of failing due to long term staff absence and taught learners with and range of emotional and behavioural difficulties who had been excluded from school

Current position and details on progress

Currently Tracy is working as an Additional support Tutor, taking small groups of learners in functional English and Maths and skills to support their main subject. She will be interviewed next week for a course organiser position for a NEETs programme but is also in line for a job teaching Hairdressing at levels 2 and 3 at a different college.

Impact of ITT

For the first time in her life Tracy has a choice of employment and feels good about her capabilities. She has achieved qualification in English and Maths while on the course and is particularly proud of the Maths as she was Maths phobic but now teaches it at level 1 and 2.
She has gained enormously in confidence and gets a lot of satisfaction from working with students who, like her younger self, were not able to achieve in school.