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Aims and Objectives

WMCETT was established as a three-year project, but in March 2013 began its seventh year in operation, though the work it does has changed considerably with time. WMCETT has continued to have the same general aims and priorities as before, but does not have the funding to initiate many activities alone.

Our key objectives are:

Information, advice and guidance

Provide targeted and specialised IAG for different sectors through events, online and one-to-one means.


Develop, pilot and run CPD courses designed to meet the needs of different sectors, where funding is available.


Share resources on line and through our news sharing and dissemination networks, and develop our own resources to share where finance is available. Produce the WMCOP bulletin 10 times a year, Sector News weekly and an e-newsletter three times a year.


WMCETT and other CETTs will be working for the Education and Training Foundation on a number of projects to be announced soon

Developing and piloting a training course for practitioners who teach HE in FE

Exploring the CPD needs of those who support work-related learning in the FE sector

Acting as an LSIS Hub to run Teaching and Learning Coach Advanced Certificate training and facilitiating a network, funded by LSIS

Changing the Dynamics in FE and the Third Sector, funded by LSIS Regional Response Fund (completed July 2013)

FE Teacher and Trainer Qualifications Review, funded by LSIS (completed in April 2013)


Identify subjects for research which could lead to further development work for WMCETT.


Work with existing networks to aid their sustainability and growth, where funding allows, while identifying needs for further training we could help meet.

Income Generation

In 2013/14, independently, as a member of ACETT and in collaboration with other CETTs and other appropriate organisations we aim to bid for tenders for relevant projects and activities which will generate income and enable us to expand and continue our activities.