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Professional Development

  • Audit of CPD programmes - Undertake an audit of CPD programmes offered by members of the Teacher Support Networks
  • Third Sector CPD - Trial and review two Third Sector developed CPD programmes
  • Mental Health Awareness - Evaluate the Mental Health Awareness in Education Award in the Third Sector and ACL
  • Promotion of Third Sector CPD - Promote a range of CPD programmes to the Third Sector
  • Audit of ITT and CPD training needs - Establish training needs of the WBL sector both ITT and CPD and identify progression routes from WBL PTLLS Plus Programmes through TNA and targeted forums
  • WBL CPD - Continue to develop and pilot 3 CPD Programmes of Study for teachers/trainers across the WMCETT geographical area in topics relevant to the WBL sector
  • WMCOP Phase 2 - Develop online forum for COP subscribers to contribute to the development of on line resources available
  • Teacher Educator Initiative conference - Host  a conference to showcase the findings from the TEI
  • OTL Programme - Establish observation of teaching and learning teams in the Third Sector
  • Blended and Extended DTLLS - Contribute to the development of and initiate pilot for ‘Contextualised Blended and Extended DTLLS’ within the Work Based Learning Sector, including specific e-learning study skills training
  • WBL PTLLS Plus - Continue to develop the WBL PTLLS Plus across the WMCETT region
  • IfL and SfL - Collaborate with IfL to promote and use of the REFLECT tool for SfL teachers and teacher trainers
  • CPD for SfL - Develop CPD opportunities for SfL tutors (embedding IfL’s REFLECT activity), including sharing good practice
  • CPD for SfL teacher trainers - Develop CPD opportunities for SfL teacher trainers (in collaboration with NRDC as part of their contract with LSIS)
  • Sfl and Excellence Gateway - Provide a resource which signposts activities and resources on the Excellence Gateway that would support the delivery of the learning outcomes of the SfL subject specialist qualifications
  • Flexible subject specialist diplomas - Review years one and two of 2 year flexible integrated subject specialist diplomas
  • Embedded learning - Deliver embedded learning CPD programme
  • PTTLS plus literacy - Deliver contextualised PTLLS course