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National CETT Agenda

The following was taken from the Excellence Gateway website.

What are CETTs?

CETTs are networks of partnerships of organisations involved in ITT and CPD in the learning and skills sector. The size of individual CETTs varies from a CETT with 17 partners to one with over 50, with the majority with membership in the twenties. CETTs operate in different areas in England, though not all of the CETTs initially set up in 2007 still survive. Some are led by universities and some by colleges or other organisations in the learning and skills sector.

What are the main CETT activities?

The main activities of the CETTs focus on the development, support for and provision of ITT and CPD. The activities are understandably diverse and, to some extent overlap, but there are different emphases within each CETT. All CETTs have been involved in mentoring, but some with different aspects such as research, training or support. Other activities include action research, communities of practice - whether face to face or virtual, ILP development, networks - new, existing or specialised, task groups VLEs/websites, working with employers and work placement. The target groups also overlap and include AVC/community groups, ACL, ESOL, Offender Learning, students with learning difficulties or disability, vocational and work-based learning staff. The communication tools vary and include conferences, academic journals - paper and electronic - newsletters, seminars, workshops, teacher education forums, summer schools, and graduation events.

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