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Practitioner-led action research opportunities and report

Over the last month our colleages at the East Midlands Centre for Excellence in Teacher Training, emCETT, have been putting together a website to summarise last year’s Practitioner-led Action Research programme and also showcase the research undertaken.

You can read about the project at emCETT’s Practitioner-led Action Research website showcasing last year’s resources and reports and read their project summary.

emCETT and SUNCETT will also be delivering the two strands of the Education and Training Foundation’s Practitioner-Led Research Support programme.

The Foundation is offering opportunities, for another year, to practitioners wishing to undertake a supported action research project, and this scheme offers:

  • The opportunity to carry out some action research to improve your own and colleagues’ professional or organisational practice
  • Professional support in order to help you achieve this?

The two strands each offer different models of support aimed at meeting the diverse needs of the sector, along with a bursary.

Blended Action Research programme

The East Midlands Centre for Excellence in Teacher Training (emCETT) action research support programme is a blended learning model consisting of:

  • The equivalent of two days mentoring support during the life of the programme from an experienced advisor based in your region
  • Attendance at two peer working groups for participants (both are half-day commitments)
  • Engagement with three expert webinars, led by high-profile experts
  • Access to a specially tailored eCPD module: Level 5 Introduction to Action Research module
  • Access to a specially designed Multimodal Action Research and Reporting eguide
  • Access to a range of multimodal action research reports from the 2014 emCETT Practitioner-Led Action Research programme.

To find out more about the emCETT blended action research strand download the information and application booklet or contact Jo Byrne, Project Administrator, by email at or phone 0116 264 3521. The closing date is Friday, 3 October 2014.

If you would prefer a residential model of support then consider the:

Research Development Fellowship (RDF)/Research Development Advocate (RDA) Programme

In partnership with the University of Sunderland Centre for Excellence in Teacher Training (SUNCETT), the Foundation is inviting those working in the education and training sector in England to apply to take part in a programme to support Practitioner-Led Action Research projects.

Members of the SUNCETT team, Professor Maggie Gregson, Dr, Lawrence Nixon and Trish Spedding have worked with Professor Michael Fielding, Professor Frank Coffield , Professor Lorna Unwin, Professor Andrew Pollard (London University Institute of Education), Professor Yvonne Hillier (Brighton University) and Professor John Elliott (University of the West of England) together with research professionals from the Foundation and many practitioners from across the sector to collaboratively design, develop and refine the RDF/RDA approach to the improvement of educational practice through practitioner research.

This model offers the opportunities to:

  • Build on the significant research work in recent years in our sector.
  • Conduct research in the aid of supporting self-improvement, professional development, and improving learner outcomes.
  • Work directly with experienced practitioners, including contributions from Frank Coffield, in order to further develop your teaching practice.
  • Gain recognition and accreditation up to Masters level at the University of Sunderland through the Fellowship experience.
  • Obtain a £1,000 Bursary for your organisation to cover attendance and travel costs.
  • Attend three residential events that will help refine and develop your area of study.
  • Present, share and discuss your completed research at a final conference in London at the Mary Ward House.

For examples of past RDF and RDA projects, see these websites:

To find out more about the SUNCETT project download the information and application booklet or contact Frances Moffatt or Andrew Buglass by email or phone 0191 515 3217.