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Third Sector PTLLS training evaluation day success

People working in the voluntary and community sector have been trained to deliver PTLLS courses to others in the sector - and an evaluation day has now been held to look at how the process had worked.

The feedback gathered from those involved in the project was very positive. The PTLLS programme had been contextualized by WMCETT in partnership with the sector and this was found to have been a considerable advantage.

The tutors taking part in the evaluation day all felt that the programme had benefited those undertaking it. Lessons had been learnt that will help future delivery of the programme and resources had been developed which could now be pooled. The University of Warwick has validated the programme.

A number of opportunities for further delivery were identified and it was felt that PTLLS would be an essential part of the sector’s CPD programme for the future.

Third Sector PTLLS group

The project involved Warwickshire Community and Voluntary Action (WCAVA), Warwickshire Association of Youth Clubs (WAYC), Warwickshire Adult and Community Learning (WACL) and WMCETT.

Sue Spiers, course co-ordinator of the Initial Teacher Training Programme at the University of Warwick, said: “We’d already got a number of people trained to teach PTLLS (Preparation to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector) in work-based learning so this was a similar thing but through the community.”

There was an induction day in January for 12 people, and when their CVs and qualifications had been approved as appropriate, there was a training day. They then went away with PTLLS course materials and started planning their own course.

A number of VCS and ACL staff were fast tracked by WMCETT and Fircroft College, Birmingham, to deliver PTLLS programmes to VCS and ACL trainers and tutors; more than 60 VCS tutors were trained.

Those trained to deliver include Alison Orr, Training & Quality Development Manager with Warwickshire Community and Voluntary Action, and Tracy Hayes, Training Manager with WAYC. Both had already taken a PTLLS course.

Tracy said: “From WAYC’s view it’s been a huge success and it’s been brilliant to bring everybody together and develop those organisations, and partnership working in the sector is great.

“It’s a core part of our role and we would like to continue it. There’s obviously a great need for it. People who go into colleges to do PTLLS struggle to see how they can apply it to their workplaces when they get back there. Because all my own training was in a college and a lot of the situations my tutor was talking about didn’t apply, it’s that relevance that we have got in our course.”

Alison said: “The support we have had from WMCETT has been great and it’s been a really good experience for us and we can now take it forward.”

Alison has now taught the PTLLS course twice with Tracy, and said: “There are mandatory things we had to get across but how we did that was left to us, and we could make it interesting to teach it to the voluntary and community sector bodies. The fact that Sue gave us the freedom to do that was brilliant.”

Pictured above, from left, are Tracy Hayes, tutor Rookhsana Mohamed teaching a PTLLS class in Coventry, and Alison Orr