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Colleges' project to enhance mentoring

Seven partner colleges of WMCETT are involved in A Partnership Approach to Initial Teacher Training (ITT) Mentor Development, a project funded by the LSIS Excellence and Improvement fund.

The project aims to improve the quality and consistency of workplace mentoring by drawing on the expertise of Subject Learning Coaches (SLCs), Advanced Teaching Practitioners and work-based learning, adult, community and voluntary practitioners who will work with teacher educators.

The colleges are collecting data about the background, roles, skills and experience of their mentors and the relationships between them, the ITT tutors and SLCs. They are evaluating and assessing activities and will then share their findings about good practice across the partnership and WMCETT.

The colleges involved are City College and Henley College in Coventry, Herefordshire College of Technology, North East Worcestershire College, North Warwickshire and Hinckley College, Stratford College and Warwickshire College. All also have had to hold at least one network training event for YTT tutors and internal and external mentors.

Debbie Reardon, who organised the event at Warwickshire College which brought together mentors and mentees who are taking DTLLS courses at the college, said: "This is a chance to getWarkscol together to identify what each other is expecting from the relationship and take it forward so it becomes a long-lasting relationship.

"We have found mentors are invaluable in terms of the subject specialist role - that's where the Advanced Teaching Practitioner comes in to be a role model and critical friend.

"In the past any feedback we have had has been more informal but we have recognised the importance of this type of relationship model and in this project we can monitor it more effectively and build it for the future."

Some of the mentors and mentees at the Warwickshire College training event are pictured here.