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Second Professional Dialogue seminar focuses on technology

RAFCosford3The second Professional Dialogue seminar organised by WMCETT and the West Midlands HEI ITT Forum brought together representatives of teacher training departments from throughout the Midlands for a day of discovery and debate.

The event was held at the RAF Cosford Museum in Staffordshire and, surrounded by relics from Britain’s aviation past, delegates were introduced to some of the most modern technologies being used in learning today.

Allen Crawford-Thomas from JISC, which promotes the use of digital technologies in UK colleges and universities, demonstrated some practical new classroom aids. The delegates then split into groups to explore the idea of the current and potential use of mobile technologies to enhance learner engagement, and the effectiveness of different technologies in a teaching context.

The debate after lunch looked at the integration of blended learning and new technologies into curriculum design and the pedagogical framework which underpins it.


Feedback showed delegates were enthused by what they had learned and were determined to overcome any IT anxieties, as well as coming up with idea of how individual new technologies could be used to enhance their current practice.

The third and final seminar will be held on Friday, March 19, 2010 at the University of Warwick.