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AVC/ACL Aims 2009-10

WMCETT has taken a slightly different approach to formulating the aims for each of the Priority Areas for year 3. Objectives are now identified within five themes across all areas.
The following are the activities planned relating to AVC/ACL/Third Sector:
Professional Development
  • Undertake an audit of CPD programmes offered by members of the Teacher Support Networks
  • Trial and review two Third Sector developed CPD programmes
  • Evaluate the Mental Health Awareness in Education award in the Third Sector and ACL
  • Promote a range of CPD programmes to the Third Sector
  • Establish observation of teaching and learning teams in the Third Sector


  • Develop a Mentoring programme for managers in the Third Sector
  • Develop a mentoring protocol and procedures in the Third Sector, to include online mentoring

E learning

  • Identify ICT learning needs of organisations in the Teacher Support Network (Third Sector). Support action planning to improve skills.

Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG)

  • Develop systems for delivering information and advice for teacher progression in the Third Sector


  • Review the Third Sector Teacher Support Networks and identify resource needs. Include network area on WMCETT website and run a series of events for the networks.