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Action Research

Action Research Activities
Action Research is the process of making a change to practice and monitoring the impact it has had, for example, on learner outcomes. The project aimed to advance the development of WMCETT in the key priority areas.
To find out more about the projects completed in 2007-8 please see the Year 1 Summary .
The report from the project completed in 2008-9, on the Initial Assessment of Trainee Teachers in the Learning and Skills Sector, Post-Workforce Reform, can be seen here. Initial assessment documentation to go with the report is also available.
The report from the project completed in 2009-10, on Improving the Scope and Range of the VCS ITT Network, can be read here.
The Mentoring Action Research Project was a major piece of work WMCETT was involved in during 2008-9 and reports from it can be read here.
We have also produced resources to help people carrying out Action Research projects of their own or in conjunction with WMCETT and they can be accessed here.