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Develop your digital capability to support learners' digital experience

  In partnership with Jisc 

As part of the Education and Training Foundation-funded Professional Exchange project, WMCETT has teamed up with Jisc who will host for us a Professional Exchange webinar to support practitioners in FE and Skills in developing their professional practice.

In the 90-minute webinar to take place on Tuesday, 24 May, participants will:

  • Develop an understanding of the importance of developing their own digital capabilities and how to use the discovery tool to self-assess their own capabilities
  • Learn new approaches to gathering their learners’ views of technology and have an awareness of how their learners are themselves using technology
  • Gain a better awareness of how to support the development of students’ digital literacies
  • Access to a range of Jisc online guidance to support them in their practice.

Following the webinar, participants will be given access to the Jisc resources featured in the webinar, and also to an online forum set up by WMCETT for this project. They will be encouraged to increase their own digital capabilities, and to work together to discuss ways of gathering their learners views of technology and how they use it, and looking at ways to support learners' development. They will be invited to attend a showcase event run by WMCETT at the University of Warwick in the autumn term to report back on new teaching or learning resources or techniques they have developed as a result of this project.

To take part in this webinar, please fill in the Professional Exchange questionnaire on the top right of this page and return it to WMCETT project manager Julie Chamberlain at .

Register here

Professional Exchange questionnaire

Please fill the above questionnaire in and email it to WMCETT Project Manager Julie Chamberlain at to register to attend this webinar.