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West Midlands Professional Exchange 2018

WMCETT is running a new-style Professional Exchange in the West Midlands area, following a successful bid for funding to the Education and Training Foundation.

In 2016 and 2017, we ran a Professional Exchange funded by ETF which involved a number of free CPD events, the creation of an online community and a large dissemination event after the first year, where people talked about changes made in their organisation as a result.

The 2018 Professional Exchange will give participating organisations and their staff an outstanding opportunity to learn from and with other organisations through a programme of joint practice development; by implementing current research findings and methodologies; by taking supported risks in trying out new techniques, and by sharing existing effective practice, including from other regions and sectors.

This project will facilitate a number of strategic interventions enabling sector practitioners to develop their practice in key broad areas identified by local managers and practitioners across the sector.

This 2018 Professional Exchange will be different from previous ones in a number of ways. It will involve:

  • A launch event for managers in colleges, WBL organisations, adult and community learning, secure estate and third sector to find out more details, and tell us what you want to include
  • Organisations signing a Memorandum of Understanding with WMCETT to agree to take part and contribute, and stating what WMCETT will do
  • The establishment of Subject Groups made up of practitioners from similar subject specialisms, assisted and supported by one of our experienced facilitators
  • Each group meeting at least four times over four to twelve months to explore a challenge or idea, carry out research, share ideas and discoveries and learn from each other
  • Each group to produce an outcome – a report, case study, resource or something else which can be shared outside the group for others’ benefit
  • Each member to disseminate their learning within and if possible outside their organisation
  • Thematic Groups to be established to similarly meet and explore cross-curricula themes
  • All participants to self-assess against the Professional Standards and log their progress against a few key ones.

The Subject and Thematic Groups will be ‘teachmeet-style’ events for teachers or managers to share and develop practice and resources in a dynamic and generative way so that facilitators can capture and share what works and support experimentation, tackling tedious teaching and spreading lively and long-lasting learning.

Participants will agree to share and disseminate ideas and outputs through a digital platform, and the facilitators will support and encourage this process, as well as recording progress and assessments against the Professional Standards.

As a result of participating in new groups where expertise is shared, modelled and explored, participants will be committed to cascading their learning to colleagues in their organisation and, more widely, in their professional networks, face-to-face and online.

Longer term, WMCETT aims to build sustainable communities of practice around principles of Joint Practice Development to continue beyond this Professional Exchange, with enthusiastic commitment by members, and increased collaboration between partner organisations.

If you have any queries or would like to be involved but are not able to make the launch event please contact WMCETT Project Manager Julie Chamberlain on

How you can take part


Register to attend the FREE West Midlands Professional Exchange 2018 launch event at the University of Warwick, Westwood campus, Coventry, on Tuesday, March 27, from 9.30-12.30pm, including a networking lunch. Find out more, tell us what your subjects your organisation would want to see included, and sign up.


Give us your views - take part in online research below

If you are unable to attend the launch, take part in our online research. Follow this link to a survey to let us know what subjects you would like to see included in the Professional Exchange 2018, and we will contact you when we are setting up our Subject Groups if your area of interest is included.