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Maths Fest! 2014 Resources

WMCETT held two workshop days aimed at maths practitioners and managers in the FE and skills sector.

The events built on the success of the GCSE maths enhancement programme, and provided opportunities to participate in a range of workshops related to both practical ideas to engage learners and stimulate learning in the classroom, and to aspects of government policy that are impacting on the sector. The powerpoint presentations used, and the resources from the individual sessions, are now available (right).

The events were held at Staffordshire University on July 4 and the University of Warwick on July 8, 2014. The workshops were:

Stimulating Starts - Ways to kick-off your maths lessons. Ideal for anyone who wants their learners to think mathematically and have a fascination for maths at any level (Facilitator: Martin Newton, Stoke College)

Maths With Meaning (Warwick only) - Exploring the concept of Maths from an autistic learner's view and promote creative thinking in teaching Mathematics to make learning a successful and enjoyable experience (Facilitator: Soroosh Yousefian, Hereward College)

Level 3 core maths - level 3 core maths is to be introduced as a progression route for learners who have already gained a GCSE A-C pass. This workshop looked at the background and content of their new qualification, which is being piloted from September, and the implications for the FE and skills sector (Facilitator: Jo Deko/Eddie Wilde, OCR)

Functional maths & ESOL learners (Stafford only) - How can we enhance learners’ achievement in maths functional skills by further developing the relevant language skills? The workshop shared Birmingham Adult Education Service’s rationale and how it approached and developed a programme of activities which can be delivered as a separate short course or integrated into longer courses (Facilitator: Jennie Caldicott, Birmingham Adult Education Service)

GCSE maths for all: curtseying to adults' lives? - An opportunity to think freely about the mathematical needs, wants, aspirations and motivations of adults in the light of the "GCSE-for-all" initiative. In particular, this workshop explored whether / how adults use rational (mathematical?) approaches to risk and uncertainty in their lives (Facilitator: Joan O’Hagan)

Maths for Vocational Tutors and Assessors (Warwick only) - Organisations need to show that all teaching, learning and assessment develop learners’ maths skills. What does good practice look like? The session aimed to help people to develop a tool kit for quick wins and build longer-term plans (Facilitator: Liz Renshaw, South Leicestershire College)

Problem solving for functional maths – Often it isn’t the maths that's the problem with functional maths! This workshop looked at practical ways of helping learners to understand and interpret functional maths questions, and develop their problem solving skills (Facilitators: Linda Randall, Worcester College, & Steve Pardoe, University of Warwick)

The conference concluded with a chance to take part in a debate about the maths workforce development and CPD needs of organisations and individuals in the West Midlands, and feed into the WMCETT Maths Hub’s planning for 2014-15. If you would like to contribute to this, please email Julie Chamberlain on