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Lesson Planning

Many of the articles are English Language-based and originate in the United States.  Some are slow to load and others of a dubious quality.  However, it should not stop you exploring the various sites.  To help, I have shown below a few that I thought might be worth looking at.

“Effective lesson planning with or without technology.”

Gives sample lesson plan as well as lesson planning template.  Bit long winded but could be useful.

 “Lesson Planning”

American and based upon what they call ESL teaching.  However, it gives sound and comprehensive reasons for lesson planning which can be adapted for most if not all lessons.  Well worth visiting.

“BBC British council teaching English – methodology – Lesson Planning”

Lots of information about what and why to lesson plan along with classroom layouts, questioning techniques etc.  Very comprehensive information but very text based.

“Lesson Planning”

Gives lesson planning template and explanations about how to plan a lesson.

“Lesson Planning”

Theoretical models of lesson planning along with template.

“Lesson Plan Development”

Classic site on planning, explains the steps to planning and asks questions without giving examples of good and poor planning.

“Teaching for student achievement” Guidebook.pdf

135 pages of text which covers just about everything you need to know as a teacher in a class room.  Being a New York organisation the text (book) is set in the context of high school teaching.  However, it is worth a look.

“Vocational Learning – Teaching approaches”

QA website, not much in the way of lesson planning but good discussions on how students learn, differentiation etc.

“Lesson planning and preparation”

Based upon modern language teaching so parts are not relevant to other areas.  However, does give a simple overview to planning.

“LSN Planning for Active Learning. Successful Delivery of Applied GCSE”

There is one page on basic lesson planning.  Could be useful as an aide-memoiré.