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The following documents have been found to be very useful for those who are planning and delivering initial teacher training courses or professional development training integrating the minimum core.

We have received very positive feedback in particular, to the Inclusive Learning Approaches and would like to draw your attention to the weblink where you can download the documents or they can be ordered through DCSF publications:

PO Box 5050
Sherwood Park
NG15 0DF

Tel 0845 60 22260 ref. 00680-2007BKT-EN

The 'Inclusive Learning Approaches for literacy, language, numeracy and ICT'  is a companion document to Addressing literacy, language, numeracy and ICT needs in education and training: 'Defining the minimum core of teachers' knowledge, understanding and personal skills.' The minimum core document details the knowledge, understanding and personal skills in English, Mathematics and ICT that teachers need to undertake their professional role. The Inclusive Learning Approaches can support teacher training teams in planning learning programmes that include the minimum core. It will support teacher trainers in modelling effective inclusive practice in relation to literacy, language, numeracy and ICT.