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******** LSIS CEASED TO OPERATE ON 31 JULY 2013 ********


What is the Learning and Skills Improvement Service (LSIS)?

LSIS was created by the Government as a component of the Learning and Skills Success for All programme, and following a merger between the QIA and the CEL in October 2008. The service aims to guide improvements in the FE sector. For more in-depth information click here.

What does LSIS provide?

LSIS funds programmes and services designed to raise the quality of education and training in the learning and skills sector. One of its often used services is the Excellence Gateway web based facility containing, amongst other items, teaching and learning materials placed on the web by practitioners. The Excellence Gateway is covered in more depth below.

What is accessible through the Excellence Gateway?

A database of improvement service suppliers, searchable by region and topic. For example if you were to type in "West Midlands" and "Teaching and Learning" you would access the details of fifteen consultants, although some of the consultants are not strictly local to the region. There is no guarantee of the quality of the consultants other than they are listed on the website.

The Ofsted Good Practice Database, which includes:

What will I find on this part of the website to guide me through the Excellence Gateway website?

There is an extensive range of resources and downloads relating to many subjects on the Excellence Gateway website. You will need to register to be able to log in and access these resources.

You can use the links to the right to access the Teaching and Learning Programme resources. Over the coming months we will be unpacking the Excellence Gateway further so do come back and see what we can point you towards.