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Discussion Documents

August 2010 Discussion

We have 3 documents for discussion this month as they link skills forecasts and the current situation. They are all published by UKCES:
'Ambition 2020: World Class Skills and Jobs for the UK: The 2010 Edition'. The full report, key findings or a short 2 page summary can be downloaded at:
The Value of Skills: An Evidence Review which supports the UKCES strategic priorities for 2009-14 and shows that skills are an essential part of achieving prosperity and growth. It can be read at: Finally the full report on 'The National Employer Skills Survey for England 2009: Main Report' was published in August following the short report previous published in March and can be read at: 
July 2010 Discussion

'Brilliant teaching and training in FE and skills: A guide to effective CPD for teachers, trainers and leaders'

A draft report giving the views of over 5,000 voices from the sector published by IfL in July 2010. Read it at: Brilliant teaching and training in FE and skills
March 2010 Discussion

A survey by Ofsted 'Reducing the numbers of young people not in education, employment or training: what works and why' examining the key factors that have contributed to reducing the proportion of 16-18 year old NEETs.

Download the report at:

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February 2010 Discussion

A Report by the Skills Commission 'Teacher Training in Vocational Education' which has enquired into teacher training and recommends professional convergence between academic and vocational teacher training with recommendations on how this could be promoted.

Download the report at:

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January 2010 Discussion

'Unleashing Aspiration: The Government's response to the final report by the Panel on Fair Access to the Professions' which responds to each of the recommendations on how the Government will promote social mobility.

Download the report at:

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November 2009 Discussion

The LLUK Application Guide 'Using Technology to Support Learning for Teachers, Tutors and Trainers in the Lifelong Learning Sector' links technology with the domains in the new teaching qualifications and is our Discussion document this month.

Download the Guide at 

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 October 2009 Discussion

Our Discussion document this month is a report published by UKCES entitled 'Towards Ambition 2020: skills, jobs, growth' which sets out their proposals for skills progression in the UK following on from the Ambition 2020 report.

Download the report at
May 2009 Discussion

We are highlighting 2 documents this month. The first is around CPD as the date for completing records for IfL draws ever closer! The second is 'Safe from Bullying in further education colleges'.

'Rethinking continuing professional development in further education: Eight things you already know about CPD'
This report by Frank Villeneuve-Smith, Chris West and Balj Bhinder focusses on things to consider around CPD and is published by LSN at

'Safe from Bullying in further education colleges' published by DCSF and DBIS this guidance outlines what bullying might take place in further education (FE) colleges and the steps that can be taken to prevent bullying happening in the first place and to respond effectively when it does occur
April 2009 Discussion

Video of Sir Ken Robinson

in which he makes an entertaining and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity


March 2009 Discussion

Article by Frank Coffield 'Just suppose teaching and learning became the first priority.......'

In this article he asks us to imagine a learning and skills sector where teaching and learning have really become the number one priority. He sets out to explore this proposition and its most likely consequences.


January/February 2009 Discussion - Resources linked to DTLLS criteria