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Personal and professional self development

3. Understand own need for continuous personal and professional self development

3.1 Evaluate own approaches, strengths and development needs, including literacy, language and numeracy needs

3.2 Use self reflection and feedback to develop own knowledge, practice and skills, including literacy, language, numeracy and ICT skills

3.3 Plan appropriate opportunities to address own identified learning needs




Feedback received from practitioners 

Excellence Gateway: CPD Builders (offers you ways to interact and use resources in Construction & Built Environment, Creative & Media, Cross Curricula Themes, Engineering, Science, IT, Learning Mathematics in Context, Society, Health & Development. Build a CPD programme to meet your personal needs and to contribute to your professional development plan – includes strategies such as embedding literacy, language and numeracy, using co-operative learning and experiential learning to enable you to improve learners' skills, embed the cross-curricular themes and role play in your teaching, getting the most out of small group work and induction to improve the learning experience, using active learning approaches to deepen learners' understanding, using lesson studies and problem solving approaches to tackle challenging topics and several more.)