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Teaching & learning strategies

3. Understand how to use teaching and learning strategies and resources inclusively to meet curriculum requirements

3.1 Select/adapt, use and justify a range of inclusive learning activities to enthuse and motivate learners, ensuring that curriculum requirements are met
3.2 Analyse the strengths and limitations of a range of resources, including new and emerging technologies, showing how these resources can be used to promote equality, support diversity and contribute to effective learning
3.3 Identify literacy, language, numeracy and ICT skills which are integral to own specialist area, reviewing how they support learner achievement
3.4 Select / adapt, use and justify a range of inclusive resources to promote inclusive learning and teaching





Feedback received from practitioners

Excellence Gateway: Effective teaching and learning activity cards

Excellence Gateway: Active learning, active teaching (Resource tackles how range of ICT topics can be tackled using active learning.  1 day session which reviews, discusses & improves questioning techniques: 1. Open/closed questions 2. Bloom’s Taxonomy & Jaberwocky 3. Differentiated questions 4. Which questioning techniques? 5. Applying questioning techniques (can be used with other subjects as well)

Excellence Gateway: Learning mathematics in context - unlocking the themes (Learning Mathematics in Context: Approach through generic or subject area to review practitioners discussing mathematical challenges, observe teachers reflecting on mathematical sessions delivered, listen to testimonies of practitioners collaborating to develop teaching and learning of maths in their subject / vocational area and consider how you can build effective approaches to supporting teaching & learning of mathematics in your subject / vocational areas + use the reflective online log to record your reflections)

Excellence Gateway: 10 Pedagogy Quick Start Guide (Using E-Learning and Technology) 

Excellence Gateway: E-Guides

Excellence Gateway: 10 Pedagogy Quick Start Guide (Embedding LLN)