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Just Frank Coffield

Our second discussion document is

'Just suppose teaching and learning became the first priority........' by Frank Coffield

The report can be downloaded at

In this article Frank Coffield asks us to imagine a learning and skills sector (LSS) where teaching and learning have really become the number one priority.  In an age of government priorities and targets, just suppose teaching and learning became the first priority...' This is the topic that the Learning and Skills Network asked Professor Frank Coffield to explore as a part of our series of projects on teaching and learning.

Professor Coffield has certainly risen to the challenge, creating an independent and inspiring piece of work. In his own uniquely challenging way, he argues that teaching and learning should regain its rightful place as the main focus of the post-compulsory education sector.

This report will strike a chord with the many people working across education who are driven by the desire to help learners achieve their goals.  Let us know your thoughts on