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WMCOP Bulletins Summary

WMCOP Bulletin - October 2019
Key Contents
Eight new Institutes of Technology announced
A new Skills and Productivity Board created
11 new Maths Free Schools announced
Get Help to Retrain service continues its phased rollout
T Level campaign ‘NexT Level’ launched
Changes to National professional qualifications: frameworks
Keeping children safe in education: October updated statutory guidance
State of the nation 2019: children and young people’s wellbeing report
TLPD Subject Knowledge and Subject Teacher Training webinars launched by ETF
T Level Professional Development reference guide published by ETF
HMCI commentary: the initial teacher education curriculum
Initial teacher education curriculum research report published
Consultation on rules for Department for Education performance table qualifications
Amending the 'Taking Regulatory Action' policy: Consultation
Office for Students publishes value for money strategy
New guidance published for registered higher education providers
New plans demonstrate greater ambition in tackling equality gaps in universities

WMCOP Bulletin - September 2019
Key Contents
Jo Johnson has resigned and Chris Skidmore is back as Minister of State at BEIS and DfE
Chancellor announces £400 million investment for 16-19 year olds’ education
The FE Area review: end of programme report has been published
'Get Help to Retrain' is rolled out to the West Midlands and North East.
Keeping children safe in education: Updated Statutory guidance for September 2019
Education Secretary backs review of university admissions and unconditional offers
New offer for international students on visa extensions
ETF new guide on the Further Education system in England launched
T Level Professional Development calendar launched by ETF
Ofsted new Education inspection framework (EIF) comes into effect
Ofsted EIF guidance for providers and safeguarding in inspections published
Amanda Spielman commentary on accountability and autonomy
Ofqual Increased learning hours included in rules and regulations for new functional skills qualifications

WMCOP Bulletin - July 2019
Key Contents
Boris Johnson became our Prime Minister on 24 July 2019
Anne Milton, Apprenticeships and Skills Minister has left the government
Gavin Williamson becomes the new Secretary of State for Education replacing Damian Hinds
Jo Johnson replaces Chris Skidmore as Minister of State at BEIS and Department for Education
Level 4 and 5 qualifications to be re-badged as Higher Technical Qualifications
Higher technical education: current system and case for change Policy paper
Improving higher technical education: Consultation: Closes 29 September 2019
New Guidance document on Institutes of technology
Funding stopped for more than 160 duplicate qualifications from August 2020
No approval for any new qualifications at Level 3 and below from 2020
Film and TV apprenticeships pilot announced
Get Help to Retrain gets underway to help adults retain for employment
National mental health programme between schools, (colleges) and NHS
Mental health and wellbeing advisory group for teachers announced
Changes to the professional skills test for teachers
Tailored review of the Student Loans Company
Ofsted report on teacher well-being at work in schools and further education providers

WMCOP Bulletin - June 2019
Key Contents
Post-18 review of education and funding: independent panel report
Taking Teaching Further programme 2nd round announced
Strategic College Improvement Fund 3rd and final round announced
Education Secretary confirms T Level roll-out from September 2020
T Levels: The NexT Level branding
£18.5 million to boost diversity in AI tech roles and innovation in online training for adults
Education Secretary challenges misconceptions of disadvantage
Vast differences exposed in graduate outcomes
Education Secretary calls for an end to low value degrees
Cost of undergraduate higher education provision
Graduate choices in post-education jobs and careers
ETF New practitioner-led toolkit launched for Apprenticeship Standards
Ofsted Education inspection framework: overview of research
Ofqual Handbook: Essential Digital Skills Qualifications
ESFA: college financial planning handbook and financial plan

WMCOP Bulletin - May 2019
Key Contents
Ofsted new Education inspection framework 2019
New Ofsted FE Handbook
Consultation outcome on Education Inspection Framework
New safeguarding guidance
T-Level Industry Placements policy framework
More support to help employers offer T Level industry placements
New digital Functional Skills qualifications: Consultation
GCSE new grading scale: factsheets
New ‘Tackling Child Exploitation Support Programme’
Launch of 18 new and two expanded Careers Hubs
HE: Action on essay writing services, the use of ‘conditional unconditional’ offers and grade inflation
ETF announces new professional workforce development plans for 2019/20
Ofqual: Regulating digital functional skills qualifications: Consultation

WMCOP Bulletin - April 2019
Key Contents
Improving adult basic digital skills: Consultation Outcome
Essential digital skills framework
National standards for essential digital skills
The First Twelve Institutes of Technology Announced
Key facts you should know about the apprenticeship levy
New online apps launched to transform careers advice for students in HE
Universities urged to boost support for armed forces
T Level Knowledge Hubs, Teacher Regional Improvement Projects and Industry Insight activity launched
Ofqual's Corporate Plan 2019 to 2022
Regulating Basic Digital Skills Qualifications - Ofqual
Second birthday celebrations for the Apprenticeship Diversity Champions Network-ESFA

WMCOP Bulletin - March 2019
Key Contents
Government Consultation on reviewing post-16 qualifications at level 3 and below
Industry placements for T Levels and empower involvement
T Level accountability statement
College oversight: support and intervention
FE learners and apprentices study: reasons for non-completion
New leader board to celebrate top apprenticeship employers
Review of the National Autism Strategy
Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education: strategic guidance
Chris Skidmore: A STEP further for students
Government creates new student mental health task force
Universities told to end grade inflation
Education Secretary warns universities over dropout rates
Government pledge to ‘beat the cheats’ at university
International Education Strategy: global potential, global growth
Chris Skidmore: My vision for global higher education
Amanda Spielman's speech at the 2019 ASCL annual conference
Amanda Spielman at the 2019 Annual Apprenticeships Conference
Amanda Spielman at the Muslim Teachers' Association
Inspecting secure training centres: framework
HMCI commentary on knife crime
Coping with exam pressure - a guide for students

WMCOP Bulletin - February 2019
Key Contents
Contracts awarded to deliver the first T Levels: Awarding Organisations
T Levels Capital Fund - documents for further education providers
Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel: first national review
Devolution of adult education functions: MoUs
Core maths qualifications: technical guidance: 7 approved core qualifications
Further education corporations and sixth-form college corporations: governance guide
Attitudes to STEM subjects by gender at key stage 4
Universities Minister sets vision for higher education
Free speech to be protected at university
Parliament passes accelerated degree proposals
Ofqual postcards: GCSE, AS and A level reforms
National Apprenticeship Week (NAW) 2019

WMCOP Bulletin - January 2019
incorporating December 2018
Key Contents
Further Education providers invited to deliver 7 new T Levels
T Level action plan for 2019 delivery
Introduction of T Levels-how they fit with other post GCSE qualifications
ESFA: T Levels: next steps for providers
T Levels – how to express an interest to deliver in 2021 to 2022 academic year
T Levels – implementation plan guidance and template
Ofqual: Implementation of Technical Qualifications
Ofqual Handbook: Technical Qualifications
Strengthening vocational and technical qualifications: Evaluation
Amanda Spielman launches Education Inspection Framework (EIF) consultation proposals
Education inspection framework: Consultation process
Ofsted inspection handbooks: drafts for consultation
Ofsted Chief Inspector launches her second Annual Report on state of education and children’s care in England
New Apprenticeship Campaign 'Fire It Up' launched
NHS and schools in England will provide expert mental health support
HE: Independent review of TEF: call for views
Evaluation of provider-level TEF 2016 to 2017 (year 2)
Call for universities to improve support for disabled students

WMCOP Bulletin - November 2018
Key Contents
Initiative to boost skills ahead of T Levels
Second round of the Strategic College Improvement Fund (SCIF) launches
A list of current National Leaders of Governance for further education has been published
Further education corporations and sixth-form college corporations: governance guide
Major new scheme launched to support young people leaving care
Construction Skills Fund: 5 West Midlands 'hubs' as industry to benefit from major skills boost
Accelerated degrees - Government response to this consultation
Independent reviewer of TEF announced
Advanced Teacher Status holders to be conferred Chartered Teacher Status
The Digital Teaching Professional Framework launched
The ETF suite of professional development offers for T Levels
New programmes for Chairs of College Governing Bodies
ETF launch Further Forces scheme to retrain 210 Armed Forces Service Leavers
Amanda Spielman at the 2018 AoC Annual Conference on New Framework
Level 2 study programmes: Ofsted research into the curriculum
Publication of new Ofqual handbook
Grading vocational and technical assessments: 2 Ofqual reports
Regulating Basic Digital Skills Qualifications: Consultation
ESFA 'Opportunities Through Apprenticeships' for disadvantaged communities

WMCOP Bulletin - October 2018
Key Contents
A list of providers who will offer T Levels in 2020 published
Institutions selected for the Centres for Excellence programme to improve basic maths for post-16 learners chosen
the first 37 providers on the Taking Teaching Further programme named
New measures for Performance tables published
the Prevent and FGM strategies have been updated
Revised information on careers guidance in colleges
Alternative Provision reports and Education Select Committee Report
A new service to help graduates find the most relevant postgraduate teacher training courses
New measures to tackle grade inflation in some universities
The Government response to the TEF subject level consultation
Ofsted have published the new measures for the Education Inspection Framework
Speech by Amanda Spielman has set out her vision and rationale for Ofsted new Framework
Updated guidance on Safeguarding in Ofsted inspections

WMCOP Bulletin - September 2018

Key Contents
T Level panels: membership announced
Bids invited to develop, deliver and award the first 3 T Levels from 2020
Employer engagement and support for T Level industry placements report
Improving engagement and attainment in maths and English courses report
Treating students fairly: response to the House of Lords report by DfE
Core maths qualifications: technical guidance
16 to 18 English and maths progress measure - qualifications list
GCSE pupils gaining knowledge and skills for future success - analysis of results
A Level results: evaluation of results of 12 reformed A levels
Level 4 and 5 qualifications could be the key to unlocking skills demanded by employers: DfE research findings
Adult participation in learning survey 2017 - several reports into adult learning
Keeping children safe in education - updated information
Employer skills survey 2017: UK findings
Universities Minister speaks at UUK annual conference
Research into the learning support role in Further Education - ETF survey
New source of help for teachers and trainers to boost digital competency - new framework
Ofsted: Inspecting initial teacher education: guidance for inspectors
Further education and skills inspection handbook: Updated guidance
Ofqual: Implementation of Technical Qualifications: Consultation and Letters about Technical Qualifications reform
Basic Digital Skills: letters from DfE and Ofqual
Ofqual: Functional skills English and Maths conditions and requirements
IfA: External Quality Assurance with Open Awards extended
First statutory review of apprenticeship standards: Consultation on digital standards

WMCOP Bulletin - July 2018
Key Contents
West Midlands Skills Agreement 2018 between DfE and West Midlands Combined Authority
DfE devolved adult education functions to combined authorities
DfE Government Major Projects annual report inc Apprentice Reform programme
FE Choices learner satisfaction survey 2017 to 2018 - 90% learner satisfaction
September Guarantee: education and training for young people
Further financial support for UK and EU students in HE
TES FE Awards 2019 open for entries
EdTech competency framework awarded to Sero Consulting Ltd
ETF 2018/19 Masters research programme for practitioners applications open
Ofqual’s approach to regulating Technical Qualifications: Consultation ends 6 August 2018
Call for evidence: qualification fees, purchasing and value for money:closes on 30 September 2018

WMCOP Bulletin - June 2018
Key Contents
Taking Teaching Further initiative for industry experts
Construction Skills Fund attracting adult learners into the construction industry
Centres of Excellence in Maths - applications open
Strategic College Improvement Fund launched
University Mental Health Charter to be launched
Teaching Excellence Framework tested on students
Longitudinal Education Outcomes - data post graduation
Digital tools for university courses competition
Ofsted speech by Amanda Spielman on their 3 main areas
Accreditation of all GCSE and A levels agreed by Ofqual
School workforce apprenticeship guide published
Process for assessing apprenticeships confirmed by ESFA
Apprenticeship transfer of funds to other organisations

WMCOP Bulletin - May 2018
Key Contents
Introduction of T Levels Policy paper
Implementation of T Levels - DfE response to Consultation
Consultation on content of 3 T Level programmes: Digital, Construction & Education and Childcare
Apprenticeship Benefits Realisation strategy
Progress report on the Apprenticeships Reform Programme-indicators for success
New support for young care leavers starting an apprenticeship
Exploring funding for apprentices with additional needs
GCSE new grading scale: factsheets
Strengthened guidance for schools and colleges on safeguarding
Sexual violence and sexual harassment between children in schools and colleges
Inspecting further education and skills: leaflet for providers
Ofsted research on lesson observation models
Qualifications reform: resources for teachers
Providers selected to deliver T Levels in academic year 2020 to 2021
T Levels: next steps for providers

WMCOP Bulletin - April 2018
Key Contents
Further education and skills inspection handbook revised
Further education initial teacher training bursary: 2018 to 2019 Guidance
Initial teacher training: self-evaluation and improvement planning advice for providers
Mathematics subject knowledge enhancement guide: 2018 to 2019
16 to 19 study programmes: guide for providers
Guidance on when NQTs can do their induction in FE
New GCSE grading factsheet
Skills Minister calls on employers to join new T level panels
Performance reporting: FE college groups and multi-site colleges - Consultation
Foundation degree awarding powers for FEIs and taught and research degree awarding powers criteria
University title and university college title criteria
Student loan repayment threshold rises to £25,000 per year
SET launches new modern identity
Research reports on 'Initial Teacher Education Provision in FE and Skills' and FE workforce data
Ofqual's Corporate plan published
National Apprenticeship Awards 2018 - new categories
Funding for higher education in England for 2018-19 agreed
Support for providers developing access and participation plans

WMCOP Bulletin - March 2018
Key Contents
Review of Post-18 Education and Funding: call for evidence
Introduction of T levels: information for education providers
Maths and English functional skills: revised subject content
Improving engagement and attainment in maths and English courses
GCSE new grading scale: factsheets
Association of Colleges Governance Summit
Apprenticeship reform programme: benefits realisation strategy
Apprenticeships and Skills Minister celebrates National Apprenticeship Week
Institute for Apprenticeships: statutory notice guidance at level 6
Minister welcomes 'accountability revolution' in higher education
Securing student success: Regulatory framework for higher education in England
Universities to be rated by subject quality - TEF consultation
Transferring from the further education to the higher education sector
Amanda Spielman's speech at the ASCL annual conference 2018
Securing the Qualifications Landscape: The 3 'R's - Sally Collier, Ofqual
Gerry Berragan keynote speech: Ofqual Conference 2018

WMCOP Bulletin - February 2018
Key Contents
Theresa May's speech to mark the launch of a post-18 education and funding review
Terms of reference for post-18 review published
UK-China education package announced by Theresa May
National College for the nuclear industry launched
Teaching, leadership and governance in further education review published
New project to boost diversity in apprenticeships: The ‘5 Cities Project’
Government response to the Taylor review of modern working practices and consultations
Over 200,000 Further Education professionals complete Prevent duty training
Ofqual's response to government's T level consultation
National Leaders of Further Education: guidance for potential applicants
HEFCE introduces first ever measure of vocational degrees
Institute of Coding to be established
funding for courses to teach the skills of the future announced

WMCOP Bulletin - December 2017-January 2018
Key Contents
Damian Hinds appointed Secretary of State for Education replacing Justine Greening
Sam Gyimah replaces Jo Johnson as Minister for Higher Education
Department for Education single departmental plan published in December
Improving social mobility through education Policy Paper published
Transforming children and young people’s mental health provision Green Paper published
Implementation of T level programmes: Consultation
The ESFA has issued an Invitation to express an interest to deliver T levels in 2020/21
Apprenticeships: there is updated guidance on funding
Apprenticeship contracts awarded to provide apprenticeship training to non-levy paying employers
The DfE has published a prospectus for new Institutes of Technology
Careers strategy: A Policy Paper and Statutory Guidance published
In HE, the Office for Students came into force on 1 January replacing HEFCE
ETF: new SET mentoring programme announced
ETF: Maths and English in apprenticeships: interactive webinars announced
Ofsted's Annual Report 2016/17 published
New GCSE 9 to 1 grades are here: Another 20 subjects will have 9 to 1 grading in 2018

WMCOP Bulletin - November 2017
Key Contents
Autumn Budget announcements
New programme launched to improve colleges: The National Leaders of Further Education
Baker clause: careers advice to schools on technical education from FE sector
Level 4 + 5 technical education to be reviewed
Level 2 and 3 apprenticeship numbers down
Appointment of apprenticeship ambassadors
Anne Milton's speech to AoC on Government and FE partnership
Careers advice and 4 themes of Careers Strategy
2018 Year of Engineering
The New Model in Technology & Engineering (NMiTE): funding for new university
Teaching Excellence Framework: details published
Ofsted: speech on inspection of apprenticeship training and review of level 2 curriculum
Ofqual reports and guidance on new vocational and technical qualifications

WMCOP Bulletin - October 2017
Key Contents
Education Secretary announces first new T levels
Post-16 skills plan and independent report on technical education inc:
T level action plan; Post-16 skills plan; Report of the independent panel on technical education; Technical education reform
New education and skills measures announced inc: raising loan repayments from £21,000 to £25,000 and freezing tuition fees for 2018/19; degree-apprenticeships with 27 new projects
Anne Milton supports Team UK at WorldSkills 2017
Education Secretary opens new high speed rail college
Internet Safety Strategy green paper
GCSE and equivalent results: 2016 to 2017 (provisional)
A level and other 16 to 18 results: 2016 to 2017 (provisional)
Teaching Excellence Framework: Lessons and outcomes
New Ofqual handbook
Work placements – capacity and delivery fund from April 2018 to July 2019

WMCOP Bulletin - September 2017
Key Contents
Consultation on functional skills
GCSE and A level analyses - increase in post-16 attainment
FE Inspection Handbook revised
Institute for Apprenticeships announced Open Awards as its external quality partner
Policy paper on the success measures against objectives for apprenticeship reform
HE vision on accountability and quality assurance, student contracts and accelerated degrees
Teaching Excellence Framework evaluation and report on additional requirements and metrics needed
Report on the impact of HE in FE on widening participation

WMCOP Bulletin - July 2017
Key Contents
Anne Milton confirmed as Minister of State for Apprenticeships and Skills
Justine Greening's speech on technical qualifications (T levels) and work placements
Justine Greening's speech on social mobility
Taylor Report: "Good Work: the Taylor review of modern working practices"
Apprenticeship Pay Survey 2016-looks at pay and the National Minimum Wage
Research report: Post-16 institutions omnibus: views on qualifications inc A and T levels
Research report: Post-16: effective curriculum practice below level 2-a look at course structure
Post-16 occupational standards in international education systems looks at what makes a 'good' occupational standard
Special educational needs looks at the effectiveness of current SEN support methods and how learners are identified
Research report: Traineeships: evaluation
Side by Side: the learner Prevent duty online modules-free ETF modules

WMCOP Bulletin - May/June 2017
Key Contents
The General Election meant no Bulletin in May
Justine Greening, Nick Gibb and Jo Johnson back in post
Anne Milton new Skills Minister (to be confirmed)
Justine Greening speech to Social Mobility initiative
Anne Milton speech to Association of Employment and Learning Providers
Amanda Spielman sets out Ofsted's vision for education
The Education and Training Foundation launches Advanced Teacher Status
Guidance and Factsheets on:
meeting the off-the-job training requirement
Update on procurement for non-levy paying employers
a new leaflet on Apprenticeships
The list of technical and vocational qualifications to be taught from September 2017 and 2018
a new grading for GCSE factsheet
HE: The results of the Teaching Excellence Framework published

WMCOP Bulletin - April 2017
Key Contents
General Election called for 8 June 2017
Apprenticeship Levy launched
Institute for Apprenticeships published its operational plan
Government published strategic guidance for the Institute for Apprenticeships
Government announced its aims for apprenticeship reform
Employing an apprentice: technical guide for employers
Public sector apprenticeship target guidance published
New Ofsted Chair announced
Ofqual unveils corporate plan 2017 to 2020
A policy position for Ofqual on inter-subject comparability
ESFA guide to employing an apprentice published

WMCOP Bulletin - March 2017
Key Contents
Funding for Technical levels with increased learning hours
Maintenance fund for students on higher level technical courses
Funding for new HE academic research placements
Loans for part-time degree and doctoral students
An Industrial Strategy Challenge fund was launched for HE
Midlands Engine Strategy announced
Funding for the third round of Growth Deals in the Midlands
Theresa May has set out her vision for education
Justine Greening's speech on education
Amanda Spielman, the new Ofsted Chief Inspector, has set out her vision for Ofsted's next five years
Ofsted announce a thematic curriculum review with the FE curriculum offer forming a major part of this review
A new register of assessed apprenticeship training providers set up
ET Foundation published its third annual report on Initial Teacher Education
New Guidance documents for the suite of Education and Training qualifications and extension to July 2018
A cross-sector Training Needs Analysis for staff in the FE and training sector announced by ETF
A new, 2 hour, online equality, diversity and inclusion course announced by the ETF
Updated Apprenticeship and Higher Apprenticeship guides published
GCSE 'postcards' on the new 9-1 grades from Ofqual

WMCOP Bulletin - February 2017
Key Contents
Robert Halfon: BETT 2017 speech on digital skills, broadband, ed tech and data sharing
Robert Halfon's careers speech: Robert Halfon shares the Government's vision for careers
Apprenticeship funding and how it will work guidance
Registration open for online apprenticeship service open
Toolkits and resources to support National Apprenticeship Week 2017
The Apprenticeship Diversity Champions Network (ADCN) established to champion apprenticeships and diversity
A speech by Jo Johnson on the amendments to the Higher Education and Research Bill
Two-year university courses come a step closer
The Quality Assurance Agency to get tough on student plagiarism
Justine Greening's speech to the Chartered College of Teaching
Reducing teacher workload (schools) policy paper published
Teacher workload: poster and pamphlet published
Teachers working longer review: interim report published

WMCOP Bulletin - December 2016-January 2017

Key Contents
Theresa May's speech on the 'shared society'
Government's Green Paper on their Industrial Strategy and 10 pillars for growth
A revised Technical education strategy on higher technical education, especially in STEM subjects
A package of measures to improve mental health in schools, workplace and universities
Technical qualifications move forward with DfE recruiting industry professionals to panel
Apprenticeship funding - how it will work from May 2017
Apprenticeship recruitment - public service apprentices upwardly revised
School and College Performance Tables have been published for 2015-16
Guide setting out the headline measures for the 2016 Performance Tables
National Collaborative Outreach Programme to increase participation in HE announced
Strong progress in preventing terrorism in HE

WMCOP Bulletin - November 2016
Key contents:
The Chancellor's Autumn Statement included:
Increases in the National Living and Minimum Wage
Investment in construction, transport technology and infrastructure, broadband and 5g networks and innovative small businesses funding
An increase in research and development funding for universities and businesses with R&D projects
Money for Local Enterprise Councils and
Devolution to local areas - West Midlands Combined Authority. A Midlands Engine Strategy will be published shortly
Technical and Further Education Bill and Factsheet published
Theresa May's speech setting out priorities for business and industrial strategy
Robert Halfon sets out Government priorities for FE
Funding for more Degree Apprenticeships

Research report into supporting entry and level 1 students in post-16 education.

WMCOP Bulletin - October 2016
key contents
Ofsted: ITE: inspections and outcomes show good results
Robert Halfon's speech on Further education reform
Higher and degree apprenticeship vacancies for 2017: published
List of area reviews, waves 4 & 5 and FE Commissioner's letter.
Teaching Excellence Framework: year 2 specification published
HE: UK Research and Innovation's (UKRI) role and purpose
Statistics show more young people in apprenticeships than ever before
Statistics on the achievements and destinations of 16-to 18-year-olds for the 2015 to 2016 academic year
Hefce: Report 'Graduate satisfaction with undergraduate choices'
HEFCE to develop the next REF

WMCOP Bulletin - September 2016

Key contents

Government reshuffle under Theresa May
FE and skills moves to Department for Education
Further education initial teacher training bursary: 2016 to 2017
Mathematics subject knowledge enhancement guide: 2016 to 2017
Timeline for sixth-form and further education colleges: mandatory
14 to 19 technical and applied qualifications: technical guidance
National Apprenticeship Week 2017 date 6-10 March 2017
Apprenticeships: proposals for funding from May 2017
Apprenticeship levy: how it will work: August update
Universities: Teaching Excellence Framework update and factsheet
Accreditation of GCSEs, AS and A levels for teaching from 2017
Setting the grade standards of new GCSEs in England: 2017 & 2018
How the top grades will be awarded in new GCSEs
Draft subject content for maths and English Functional Skills qualifications

WMCOP Bulletin - June 2016
key contents
EU Referendum - speeches
Changes to the Apprenticeship approval process
AELP commissioned to run next phase of the Future Apprenticeship programme
New Chair appointed for the Midlands Engine
New Schools Commissioner appointed for the West Midlands
The ETF has launched a new SIR Data Insights system which gives instant data analysis
Updated accreditation of qualifications for teaching in both 2016 and 2017
Draft literacy and numeracy standards from the ETF
Reasonable qualification adjustments for disabled students from Ofqual
Widening participation in HE from Hefce
Developing an insolvency regime for FE from BIS
FE workforce data analysis, showing a 3% decline in the college sector
An analysis of FE learners on benefits and mature students' progression into postgraduate study
KS4 school and college performance tables

WMCOP Bulletin - May 2016 Key Contents
The Higher Education and Research Bill published
UK Research and Innovation created to bring 7 research councils together
New universities and 'challenger institutions' to award their own degrees
Consultation on accelerated degrees and switching courses open
5 new National Colleges for high speed rail, nuclear, onshore oil and gas, digital skills and the creative industries.
Lord Sugar appointed government’s enterprise tsar
Taskforce for apprenticeships for people with learning disabilities
New portal for Future Apprenticeship programme
Consultation: Providers’ views sought on Functional Skills
HEFCE to allocate £3.7 billion to 344 universities and colleges for 2016-17
Ofqual: Consultation outcome: Marking reviews, appeals, grade boundaries and Code of Practice
Accreditation of GCSEs, AS & A levels for teaching from 2017
Reform of GCSE qualifications by Ofqual
The review 'Unlocking Potential: A review of education in prison' by Dame Sally Coates
Apprenticeships evaluation: employer and learner surveys 2015
Further education qualifications in maths and English: returns and benefits
Prior qualifications of adults - apprentices or taking FE courses
Level 1 and 2 English and maths: 16 to 18 students, 2014 to 2015

Key Contents

Update on further education reform announced
New National Living Wage comes into effect
Ofqual has opened a Consultation on new GCSE grade standards
Guidance on the new A and AS levels published
Employers of apprentices under 25 will no longer pay National Insurance
Announcement of new food and farming degree apprenticeships
SFA published the 2016-17 funding allocations
Fact sheets on higher and degree apprenticeships and the apprenticeship grant
SFA and EFA: financial planning handbook and financial plan
Advanced learner loans toolkit produced

WMCOP Bulletin - March 2016
Key Contents
Midlands Engine Investment Fund announced
Higher degree apprenticeship funding
Guidance: how the apprenticeship levy will work
Speeches on apprenticeships from Sajid Javid at BIS and Michael Wilshaw at Ofsted
The Department for Education Strategy 2015-2020 published
Education White Paper which includes new QTS regulations and criteria for schools ITT
Hefce has published a revised approach to assessment for HE
New HE outreach programme for students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

WMCOP Bulletin - October 2015
Key Contents
 Ofsted report on apprenticeships 'Apprenticeships: developing skills for future prosperity'
Government Report on social mobility 'Social mobility: contribution of further education and skills'
Consultation on Adult further education measures
DfE statistics on attainment for 16-19 year olds, key stage 4 and level 1 and 2 English and maths for 16-18 year olds
Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) comes into effect (replacing the Qualifications and Credit Framework)
Ofqual documents summarising changes to GCSE, AS and A levels.
List of GCSE, AS and A level qualifications accredited in 2016
List of GCSE, AS and A level qualifications out of tolerance
New National Minimum Wage published

WMCOP Bulletin - September 2015
Key Contents
The first post-16 education and training institution area reviews have been announced
Further Education ITT bursaries for 2015-16
Timelines for planning in further education colleges, both mandatory and useful published
HE Funding for 2015-16 announced
The Core Maths qualification now available
A new GCSE and A level subject content Consultation has been launched
Ofsted has published a number of revised Inspection handbooks and leaflets including:
FE and Skills Inspection Handbook and leaflets
An Inspecting Teacher Training leaflet has been published and leaflets on Guidance for inspectors and Being Inspected as a provider of ITT
Leaflets for Training those in Custody and FE Residential provision
Ofqual have published the new Regulated Qualification Framework
Ofqual 'postcards' on current qualification reforms published
The Skills Funding Agency has published revised lists of Apprenticeship Standards, both available and in preparation
BIS Factsheets covering different aspects of the Enterprise Bill, including apprenticeships
Revised guidance on the Prevent Duty and online Prevent modules from the ETF
Consultation on the Prevent Duty for HE
A series of documents relating to apprenticeship reform published

WMCOP Bulletin - July 2015
Key Contents
BIS Productivity Plan launched
Restructuring of the post-16 education and training institutions - local area reviews
Implementing the Further Education and Skills Reform programme - update on key areas
Changes to fnding allocations for 2015-2016 FE and Skills
New Apprenticeship Delivery Board announced
New Trailblazer apprenticeships and guidance
HE Teaching Excellence Framework
HE student finance changes and load repayment model
Consultation on freezing the Student Loan Threashold
Dowling final report on business-university research collaborations
GCSE and A level content consultation
Funding for young people with special education needs
Report on Initial Teacher Education provision in FE and Skills
Ofqual Annual Report and Accounts - update on qualifications and assessment

WMCOP Bulletin - June 2015
Key Contents
New Ofsted Inspection process from September 2015
New Ofsted Common Inspection Framework
Guidance for FE on the new Ofsted Inspection process and Framework
New GCSE grading structure and requirements
Timeline of changes to GCSE, AS and A levels
Ofqual Improved register of regulated qualifications
Apprenticeships legal status and Government targets
Apprentice National Minimum Wage increase
SFA Employers guide to Apprenticeship Standards
SFA list of approved apprenticeship agencies
Technical and Vocational qualifications 14-19 from September 2015
New Statutory guidance on Safeguarding children
Changes to the English Baccalaureate (EBacc), performance measures and criteria
Society for Education and Training - new professional organisation for FE

WMCOP Bulletin - April/May 2015
Key Contents

Following the dissolution of Parliament for the General Election, there wasn't a Bulletin in April.

Guidance from the Government on maths enhancement for pre-ITE programmes
GCSE and A level guidance on the reformed subjects to be taught from this September
A new digital service for finding apprenticeships
A new SEND Code of Practice
Report on GCSE Maths A Level take-up by gender report
Report on the summer 2015 exam entries
Data on the FE workforce report from the ET Foundation
Lists of recognised UK Degree providers, providers of apprenticeships and providers of traineeships have all been updated
Statistics for NEETS
WMCETT maths workshops and maths and English Fest
WMCETT conference on 30 June
AELP list of resources

WMCOP Bulletin - March 2015
Key Contents
A consultation on the vocational education system
Further Education Reform update has been published
Nine new degree apprenticeships
a further 35 Trailblazer apprenticeships
Lists of technical and vocational qualifications approved for teaching from September 2015
Departmental advice on study programmes and work experience for 16-19 year olds
A post-16 course database announced
Funding rates for 2015-16 have been published
Cyber security programmes and resources are now available
2 new UTCs announced to specialise in cyber security
Ofqual has announced proposals for a new Qualifications and Credit Framework
QCF revised rules and regulations for all qualifications
New requirements and guidance for GCE A and AS and GCSEs
Evaluations of how FE is meeting the BIS plan for skills
Report on college governance
Report on the FE Intervention process
Evaluation of apprenticeship reforms
Evaluation of the Trailblazer programme
Evaluation of traineeships
Evaluation of the Employer Ownership of Skills pilot
Report into apprenticeship pay
Careers guidance for colleges
Advice on HE courses for alternative providers
Guidance for Trailblazers
Information on Traineeships
Guidance on DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service)
Guidance on Safeguarding
Guidance on SEND

WMCOP Bulletin - January 2015
Key Contents
Timeline for further education colleges: mandatory
Timeline for further education colleges: useful
GCE AS and A level content:Further mathematics, Ancient Languages, Modern Foreign Languages, Geography, Mathematics
GCSE in design and technology: delay in teaching
Technical and vocational qualifications for 14- to 19-year-olds
High-quality and more rigorous arts-based GCSEs and A levels
Being inspected: guidance for further education and skills providers
Partner toolkits now available for National Apprenticeship Week
Funding for higher education in England for 2015-16: HEFCE grant letter from BIS
National networks to help more young people access higher education
Tougher quality measures for higher education alternative providers
FE Statistical Information for the August to December 2014 academic year
HE Statistical Information 1 August 2013 to 31 July 2014 academic year
Adult Literacy and Numeracy: The Government's response to the House of Commons BIS Select Committee's Report on adult literacy and numeracy
Apprenticeship funding reform in England: payment mechanisms and funding principles: Consultation outcome
Apprenticeship pay and learner surveys 2014
SEND code of practice: 0 to 25 years from 1 September 2014
Statistics: 16 to 19 attainment
GCSEs, A levels and apprenticeships: their economic value

WMCOP Bulletin - November 2014
Key Contents
The Chancellor's Autumn Statement
Loans for postgraduate masters
The removal of National Insurance contributions on apprentices under 25
NEET numbers are down
The launch of new digital qualifications at degree level and short courses
A new vocational database, similar to UKAS, for FE and skills
The Further Education Commissioner has issued his first Report
Nicky Morgan speaks on 'Character education'
Education Minister speaks on mental health in schools and SEN.
National Curriculum content for science at key stage 4
The revised 'A' level and GCSE content for religious studies is in consultation.
The Education and Training Foundation is working with employers on the content for maths and English qualifications
Foundation consultation on Professional Membership
The Skills Funding Agency has published a number of statistical reports on FE, Apprenticeships, vocational education, traineeships and Skills for Life.

WMCOP Bulletin - October 2014
Key Contents
Graduate bursaries for maths, English and SEN are being extended
A consultation by Ofsted on revising the Inspection Framework for schools, further education, skills and early learning launched
Birmingham chosen as the headquarters for the new HS2 college
Skills Show funded for a further 2 years
HEFCE is seeking views on future approaches to the assessment of quality
The City Growth Commission report shows the value of universities to city and local growth
National Minimum Wage consultation on how it can be simplified, especially for apprenticeships
A report by CIPD on good recruitment practice for apprenticeships
Employment Review on the status of workers launched.

WMCOP Bulletin - September 2014
Key Contents

the revised content of further GCSEs and A levels
the opening of new University Technical Colleges and Studio schools
the opening of a new FE college in Essex
Initiative to encourage graduates into Maths teaching
Enhanced English Programme for teaching English Language GCSE
BIS report on adult FE outcome success measures
Ofsted report on teaching, learning and assessment in FE
Ofsted report on the early implementation of 16-19 study programmes
The Education and Training Foundation have published data on the FE sector workforce

WMCOP Bulletin - June 2014
Key Contents
Publication of the FE Workforce Strategy
English and Maths provision in post-16 education
Revised ITE Inspection Framework
Process to tackle underperformance in FE
Golden Hellos for new maths graduates
Apprenticeship Trailblazers - phase 3
Apprenticeship speech to AELP on new funding via employer
Government response to the Feltag Report on technology
International Education Strategy
Expansion of FE Loan system - consultation
Traineeships funding - consultation
Technology Strategy Board Delivery Plan
New Technical Awards
Technical Guidance for 16-19 qualifications
Educational Options map of education pathways 14-18
IfL transferring to Education and Training Foundation

WMCOP Bulletin - May 2014
Key Contents
New Professional Standards for Teachers and Trainers and Guidance document
Ofsted revise the Initial Teacher Education handbook
New FE College opens
Higher apprenticeships get more funding
New Guidance on Traineeships
'Your Life' STEM initiative
Decrease in number of NEETS
GCSE Enhanced English programme starts

WMCOP Bulletin - April 2014
Key Contents
Higher and Further Education Institutions speech by Vince Cable
David Willetts' speech on the economic and social impact of universities
National Strategy for widening access
Sharia compliant student funding
The non-GCSE qualifications to be included in Performance Tables in 2016
Safeguarding children in education guidelines and new Autism Strategy
16-18 Core Maths Introduction and Technical guides published
New A levels and GCSEs to be introduced in 2016
A and AS level subject content for 2015
Implementing the 0-25 Special Needs System FE

WMCOP Bulletin - March 2014
Key Contents
The second Trailblazer initiative has been announced covering a much greater number of sectors
Apprenticeships at degree and postgraduate level are being developed in different sectors, including nursing
Apprenticeship Grant for Employers has been extended
Government axes 5,000 adult vocational qualifications
A new Data Science research institute is to be created
Three new science projects are to be funded
Higher Education Student Support 2015-16 is announced
HEFCE has published a report on university and college finances
New minimum wage rates for October are announced

WMCOP Bulletin - February 2014
Key Contents
SFA Skills Funding Statement 2014-16
HEFCE Funding Statement 2014-15
Funding for Graduates to teach maths in FE
Funding for Big Data projects
Skills Summit: vocational education - speech by Matthew Hancock
Premium Graduate Scheme - Teach First for FE

WMCOP Bulletin - January 2014
Key Contents
New Draft Professional Standards for Teachers and Trainers in England
Technical and Vocational Education Qualifications - Tech Bacc and Applied General Qualifications
List of vocational qualifications which qualify in Performance Tables
Draft programmes for English and Maths at key stage 4
New engineering and construction qualifications
New college to be built to support development of HS2
Maths Education Strategic Hubs being developed

WMCOP Bulletin - December 2013 - see January 2014

WMCOP Bulletin - November 2013
Key Contents
The introduction of new employer-led apprenticeships, together with an Implementation Plan and Guidance for delivery and assessment
The revised content and assessment objectives for GCSEs in maths and English language and literature
Speech by Vince Cable at the AoC conference on innovation in FE
Speech by Matthew Hancock at the AoC conference on the Government's vision for further education
The Labour Party's vision for vocational education
The Whitehead review of vocational qualifications
A new FE Commissioner has been appointed
Review of FE Governance

WMCOP Bulletin - October 2013
key contents
The review of the Professional Standards for Teachers and Trainers by the Education and Training Foundation
a speech by Matthew Hancock on vocational education which sets out the BIS vision
a speech by Elizabeth Truss setting out the vision for schools
the development of a new maths core programme
a new system of accountability in schools
Witty's report on how universities can support economic growth
A rise in the National Minimum Wage
A paper defining 8 new technologies which will receive BIS support
The Challenger Businesses Programme
Smart Cities.

WMCOP Bulletin - September 2013
Key contents
Matthew Hancock's speech to Ofsted
Accountability for 16-19 provision including new tables and performance measures
Bursaries for ITT teachers of English, Maths and SEN
CPD modules for upskilling Maths/Numeracy and English/Literacy teachers to teach the GCSE curriculum
BIS Industrial Strategy updated
Employer Ownership Pilots get more funding
Framework for Traineeships announced
Education and Training Foundation organisation chart

WMCOP Bulletin - June 2013
Key contents
Revision and draft criteria for GCSEs
The change of title of the FE Guild to the Education and Learning Foundation
Engineering technician apprenticeships
the Troops into Teaching initiative bursaries and funding
The Chancellor's Spending Review
European funding allocations targeted via the Local Enterprise Councils

WMCOP Bulletin - April/May 2013
Key contents
Guidance on the revised FE Teacher and Trainer qualifications;
the Technical Baccalaureate;
the new Traineeship Framework, together with Matthew Hancock's speech to Parliament on his vision for it;
David Willett's speech to HEFCE setting out some new Government initiatives;
the launch of an independent review by Andrew Witty into universities and growth
Michael Gove's speech on school initiatives.

WMCOP Bulletin - March 2013
Key contents
The new Teaching and Training Qualifications guidance for 2013
The final report from the Independent Commission on Adult Vocational Teaching and Learning 'It's about work...'
The Government has published a new skills strategy 'Rigour and Responsiveness in Skills'
The Budget and implications for education
The Government's response to the Richard Review
Post-graduate apprenticeships to start this year
League tables no longer including some vocational qualifications
Priorities and funding for 2013-14
SFA streamlined funding system for 2013-14

WMCOP Bulletin - February 2013
Key contents
changes from the DfE for A level qualifications with end of qualification exams, changes to AS levels and HE involvement.
Michael Gove's speech on reforming GCSEs and accountability.
New changes to copyright to make it easier for education to use materials linked to technology
The new Children and Families Bill.
LSIS have published guides to support 24+ Advanced Learning Loans
LSIS guide on emerging models of delivery

WMCOP Bulletin - January 2013
Key contents
The findings report of phase 2 of the consultation on the Teacher Training qualifications and the qualification guidance which LSIS are developing.
The first phase of the Report from the Commission on Adult Vocational Teaching and Learning has also been published
IfL have published a briefing paper on the suggested proposals for a Chartered Status Scheme for FE.
Graduate apprenticeships for the professions
A new pre-work traineeships programme
Additional Start-up Loans for young people
Advanced Loans for 24+

WMCOP Bulletin - November 2012
Key contents
Funding has been agreed for the FE Guild,
Speech by Matthew Hancock to the Association of Colleges setting out his 4 priorities: traineeships, apprenticeships, standards and qualifications Vince Cable's speech on the importance of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM)
BIS Inquiry into apprenticeships
NIACE report on adult learning
Michael Heseltine's report 'No stone unturned in pursuit of Growth'
There are also changes to A levels
Reform of Performance Tables
Michael Gove's speech supporting exams

WMCOP Bulletin - October 2012
Key contents
Final Lingfield Report ' Professionalism in Further Education'
Proposal Document on new qualifications for Teachers and Trainers
Ofsted Report 'How colleges improve'
Milburn report 'University Challenge: How HE can advance social mobility'
Industrial strategy speech by Vince Cable
National Minimum Wage rise
Ofsted 'Ensuring quality in apprenticeships' Report
Unistats website comparing universities and HEDD for checking qualifications

WMCOP Bulletin - September 2012
Key contents
ITT Bursaries
Consultation on new teaching qualifications
Dates for Q/ATLS
LSIS revised strategy document 2012-15
Cabinet reshuffle
LEP funding package
Employer Ownership Pilot (EOP)
GCSE statement by DoE and Ofqual
New studio schools, UTCs and Academies statistics

WMCOP Bulletin - June/July 2012
Key contents
Fee awards for ITT trainees (were bursaries)
Report on ITT training in Classroom Behaviour
Report on GCSE examinations and Ofqual's response
Consultation on A level examinations
Bursary scheme for mature learners who take out 24+ Advanced Learning Loans
Supported internships for young people with special needs
City Deal for Birmingham and Solihull, devolving powers from central Government
Community Learning Trusts include Birmingham and Solihull
University-business collaboration strengthened
Widening Participation Report
Equality and Diversity Report gives profile of the sector

WMCOP Bulletin - May/June 2012
Key contents
Reforms to Higher Education White Paper
Skills Funding Agency Core Priorities 2012-13
The Richard Review of Apprenticeships is launched
Apprentice and Employer Surveys
StartUp Loan scheme follows Lord Young's report 'Make Business your business'
New School-Led Teacher Training Programme 'School Direct'
Draft Primary National Curriculum
Fifteen more University Technical Colleges approved
LSIS Qualification and Skills team's work next year
New ITE Ofsted Inspection framework
New FE and Skills Ofsted Inspection framework

WMCOP Bulletin - April/May 2012
Key contents
Consultations on the Lingfield Review
QTLS windows
Special Educational Needs reforms
Community Learning Trust pilots
Employer Ownership pilots
Start-up loans for young entrepreneurs
HE places for 2013-14

WMCOP Bulletin - March 2012
Key contents
Interim report into 'Professionalism in Further Education' by Lord Lingfield
Evaluation of FE Teachers' Qualifications: March 2012
FE Colleges to be Independent bodies
Reforms to Apprenticeships
National Minimum Wage from 1 October 2012
National Careers Service launched
HEFCE funding and allocations 2012-13 and 2013-14
Independent Commission on adult education and vocational pedagogy
Proposed Reforms for A Levels and School Performance Tables
Staff Individualised Record changes
IfL Members with QTLS now able to teach in schools
IfL a voluntary, professional membership organisation again

WMCOP Bulletin - February 2012
Key contents
ITE Bursaries for 2012-13
Student Loan Repayment
Independent Review of Professionalism in the FE and Skills Sector
National Apprenticeship Week
Apprenticeships in the Banking and Creative Industries
NEETs Funding
City Skills Fund
School Performance Tables
Internet Safety Guide
FE College/HEI Partnership Checklist from LSIS
IfL CPD Review

WMCOP Bulletin - January 2012
Key contents
HE Funding 2012-13
Building Engagement, Building Futures
The International perspective
Changes to GCSEs
Studio Schools
ICT curriculum to be replaced by Computer Science
School performance data 2011
Apprenticeship toolkit

WMCOP Bulletin - November 2011
Key contents
FE and Skills Reform Plan: Building a World Class Skills System
Skills for Sustainable Growth: Strategy Document
Chancellor's Autumn Statement 2011: areas for education and training
BIS 'Plan for Growth' update
Youth Contract
Higher Apprenticeships
Fund for employers to design, develop and purchase skills training
BIS: Speeches to AoC Conference
Education Bill 2011: abolishing arms-length bodies TDA, QCDA, YPLA and others
HEFCE: Teaching funding and student numbers
2011 Skills for Life Survey
Report of Independent Commission on Colleges in their Communities
Ofsted Annual Report 2010-2011: Separate report on ITE
Consulation document on the framework for ITE Ofsted Inspections 2012

WMCOP Bulletin - October 2011
Key contents
Revised CTLLS and DTLLS Teaching Qualifications published by LSIS
New Interactive careers and learning tool - Lifelong Learning Accounts launched
Revised Matrix Standard for National Careers Service
New funding system for post-16 Education consultation
QCDA transfer of responsibilities
Driving Improvement: The LSIS offer 2011-12
SfA 2011-12 system for funding adult skills

WMCOP Bulletin - September 2011
Key contents
Vince Cable's speech at the UK Universities Annual Conference
Cutting Apprenticeship red tape for employers
Consultation to lift Teacher Restrictions - QTLS
New Freedoms: New Focus - LSIS strategic framework
Ofsted to Inspect ITE Awarding Body provision in 2011-12
LSIS list of strategic publications
Document mapping PTLLS 2011 to PTLLS 2007 outcomes and resources document

WMCOP Bulletin - Summer 2011
Key contents
New Challenges, New Chances consultation on FE Reform Programme
Consultation on new Ofsted Common Inspection Framework 2012
HE Regulatory Framework
Higher Apprenticeships Fund
Skills for Growth
Simon Hughes report on access to education
Select Committee's Report on EBacc
Consultation on Care to Learn
New Standards for School Teachers

WMCOP Bulletin - June 2011
Key contents
Speech by John Hayes setting out Governments vision for FE
LSIS report 'The further education and skills sector in 2020: a social productivity approach'
Government exceeds apprenticeship ambition
16-19 Bursary scheme
Teaching Agency to be set up and running by April 2012
IfL revises fees

WMCOP Bulletin - April/May 2011
Key contents
Government report 'Supporting Youth Employment
Government response to the Wolf Report
CBI/EDI Education & Skills Survey 2011
Review of Offender Learning
Website for University Funding

WMCOP Bulletin - March 2011
Key contents
Government Plan for Growth
New Technical Academies
Review of Teaching Qualifications in Schools
Growth Investment Fund
Qualifications for teaching and learning professionals - phased introduction
Implementing the FE Workforce Strategy - 'refreshed' strategy.
The Equality Framework for Further Education
The Equality Act 2010 Factsheets
Retaning and Developing Disabled Staff in the Lifelong Learning Sector

WMCOP Bulletin - February 2011
Key contents
Wolf Report on Vocational Education
David Willetts' speech at the Universities UK Spring Conference 2011
Funding for Universities
Research Excellence Framework
LSIS Funding 2011-12
Regional Response Fund
Equality Act 2010 factsheet

WMCOP Bulletin - January 2011
key contents
Review of Qualifications for Learning Professionals - phase 1 report
Review of Qualifications for Learning Professionals - phase 2 draft standards
Specification of Apprenticeship Standards for England: New framework for Intermediate, Advanced and Higher apprenticeships
New National Curriculum - phase 1 review
Skills Condtionality consultation
HE student finance
End of EMA

WMCOP Bulletin - November 2010
Key contents
'Skills for Sustainable Growth' BIS Strategy document for the reform of the FE and skills system
'Investment for Sustainable Growth' - the funding methodology for the FE and Skills system
Speeches by Vince Cable, John Hayes and Geoff Russell and responses to the Skills for Sustainable Growth strategy
BIS Business Plan 2011-2015
All-Age Careers Service launch
Reform of Higher Education and Student Finance - university tuition fees
'The Importance of Teaching' White Paper by Department for Education - revision of A levels, GCSE, Vocational qualifications and apprenticeships
Ofsted Annual Report

WMCOP Bulletin - October 2010 - This is a combined September/October edition
Key contents
The effect of the Government Spending Review on Further and Higher Education
Responses from HEFCE, LSIS, IfL and Policy Watch on Spending Review
Review of Higher Education and Student Finance in England - Browne Report and Vince Cable and David Willetts' responses
John Hayes calls for new Arts and Crafts movement
White Paper on local growth including Regional Growth Fund
BIS Partner Bodies streamed
Reports on students' perspectives on technology and finance on university participation;

WMCOP Bulletin - August 2010
Key contents
John Hayes appointed to joint role
BIS Structural reform plan
Revised grants for universities and colleges
A level and Advanced Diploma results
Skills for sustainable growth - consultation
Specification of Apprenticeship Standards
Review of Offender learning - call for evidence
Student Charter Group
UKCES Reports - see also discussion document

WMCOP Bulletin - July 2010
Key contents
AStrategy for Sustainable Growth - the BIS strategy including higher and further education
Higher Education Speech by Vince Cable on his views for the university and wider HE sector
Review of learning for Offenders in prisons and in the community - speech by John Hayes announcing a review of learning for offenders
John Hayes' AOL speech on Government's thinking on lifelong learning
Completion of Fees Review report
Funding 16-19 Educaton
Financial Memorandum - HEFCE agreement with institutions
Reports from LSIS, LLUK, LSN, Ofsted and UKCES

WMCOP Bulletin - June 2010
Key contents
Speeches by John Hayes on Skills Strategy and New Freedom for Colleges
£50 million College Building programme announced
Speech by David Willetts on challenge to universities
LSIS review on whether FE courses lead to employment
IfL Declare your CPD
UKCES Business Plan and Paper looking at Progression from Vocational and Applied learning to HE

WMCOP Bulletin - May 2010
Key contents
Key Personnel in the new Government Business, Innovation and Skills department
Government Savings relating to HE and FE
UKCES Reports this month on pay and equality
LSIS 9 new Regional Development Managers
Flexibility and Innovation Fund now open
LLUK Guide for those supporting the development of emplolyability skills
IfL CPD forms and guide on the website
Policy Watch notes on the differences between policies of Conversatives and Liberal Democratics

WMCOP Bulletin - April 2010
There is not a normal bulletin this month as things have been quiet on the education front in the run up to the election.
However, there have been some interesting reports and some items of news, and they can be read here.
They include:
JISC spring/summer newsletter
The Digital Economy and Equality Bill have both received Royal Assent
Improving the Skills System in England - a critical analysis of England's skills system
New Skills for New Jobs: Action Now - the EU perspective on building links between education, training and work

 WMCOP Bulletin - March 2010
Key contents
'Skills for Jobs: Today and Tomorrow' National Strategic Skills Audit for England 2010 published by UKCES and BIS response
Skills Funding Agency replaces the LSC for adult skills and the Young People's Learning Agency is responsible for under 19s
Review of the method of funding teaching
Refresh of the Common Core by CWDC
The Apprenticeships, Children and Learning Act 2009 defines apprenticeships
Apprenticeship Pay recommendations accepted by BIS
Valuing Employment Now - cross government strategy to increase people with learning difficulties in employment
Increased funding for 16-18 year olds and new trials on raising the participation age.
Safeguarding young people from gang activity and Beatbullying's CyberMentors programme
LSIS Corporate plan and LSIS Accounts

Discussion Document: 'Reducing the numbers of young people not in education, employment or training: what works and why'. Survey by Ofsted examining the key factors that have contributed to reducing the proportion of 16-18 year old NEETS.

To read our March bulletin please click here.

 WMCOP Bulletin - February 2010
Key contents
'Teacher Training in vocational Education': Report by Skills Commission recommending changes in professional convergence, mentoring, CPD, CE/IAG, Vocational Pedagogy, HE in FE
New Quality Assurance System - FE Colleges
Fee Grant arrangement for DTLLS and SfL
'Progression through Apprenticeships' Skills Commission report on entry and progression from level 2 apprenticeships
'Inspiration and Aspiration' Skills Commission report on information, advice and guidance
Guidance and online resources for informal adult learning for older people in care settings
LSC funding allocations for 2010-11
QCF - Online advice on new vocationsl qualifications
Learning and Development Standards - LLUK draft units of assessment
Ofsted review of Train to Gain
Leaflet on 'Understanding Apprenticeships' for learners
Report on the Economic value of Intermediate vocational education and qualifications by UKCES
Report on Adult basic skills and workplace learning by ESRC
Report on Preparing young people for a reviving economy by ALP

Discussion Document: 'Teacher Training in vocational Education': Report by Skills Commission recommending changes in professional convergence, mentoring, CPD, CE/IAG, Employeres and the Third Sector, Vocational Pedagogy, HE in FE.

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WMCOP Bulletin - January 2010
Key contents
Unleashing Aspiration: The Government's response to the final report by the Panel on Fair Access to the Professions - also our discussion document.
Building Britain's Recovery: Achieving Full Employment - Government Stratgegy document for 16-24 year olds
Investing in Potential - Government Strategy document for 16-24 year olds
Going for Growth - describes 7 key areas of Government agenda following the New Industry, New Jobs report.
Partnerships for Growth - National framework for regional and local economic development.
Right to Request Time for Training - Guidance document
Vocational Qualifications and the QCF - key changes and timetable for change
LSIS Flexibility and Innovation Fund - now open for February round of bids
LLUK 2008-2009 Annual Review
IfL CPD Review 2008-2009
UKCES Report 'The Economic value of Intermediate Vocational Education and Qualifications'

Discussion document: 'Unleashing Aspiration: The Government's response to the final report by the Panel on Fair Access to the Professions' which responds to each of the recommendations on how the Government will promote social mobility.

To read our January bulletin please click here

 WMCOP Bulletin - November 2009
Key contents
Government White Paper 'Skills for Growth: The National Skills Strategy' sets out the strategy for economic growth and creation of modern technician class.
BIS Skills for Growth: The National Skills Strategy Analytical Paper gives the rationale behind the Skills strategy
BIS Skills Investement Strategy 2010-11 sets out how Government investment will support FE and skills training for post 19 learners
The Government's Framework for Universities ' Higher Ambitions: The future of universities in a knowledge economy' - sets out the strategies for universities
The Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Bill includes transfer of responsibility to LEAs, Provision about apprenticeships.
The Digital Economy Bill including new regulations on copyright
Update on the QCF for Vocational qualifications
Guide to LSIS Services 2009-10
Safe Colleges guidance website launched
LSIS and AoC review of Governance and Strategic Leadership
LLUK breakdown of statistics in the further education sector 'The Lifelong Learning Workforce'
LLUK summary of their services to the lifelong learning sector
Disability Equality guides for lifelong learning sector
Ofsted Annual Report 2008-09
Ofsted report on 'The Impact of Train to Gain on Skills in Employment

Discussion Document: LLUK Application guide 'Using Technology to Support Learning for Teachers, Tutors and Trainers in the Lifelong Learning Sector' which links technology to the domains in the new teaching qualifications.

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WMCOP Bulletin - October 2009
Key contents
BIS letter to College Principals setting out priorities for new academic year
BIS calls on busiess to help share the future of education
Record number of Apprenticeships and National Apprenticeship week 2010
SORTED - new-look website for sustainability in Education
LSIS training on Inspection and QCF Champions
Ofsted Talisman on Equality, Diversity and Safeguarding and LLUK article on Mental Illness in FE
Video - The Value of Teachers and Trainers by IfL and UKCES
ACL - Proposals for Adult and Community learning Inspections from 2010
Discussion Document: UKCES report following on from 'Towards Ambition 2020: Skills, jobs, growth'

To read our October Bulletin please click here

WMCOP Bulletin - September 2009
Key contents
BIS set out its thinking on higher education
Jobs of the Future - a new report on new jobs which could be created in the UK economy of the future
New Industry, New Jobs, Universities and Skills has a new Advisory Panel
Framework for Excellence - publication of the main outcomes of performance of FE providers
RDAs - suggestion they take over responsibility from Skills Funding Agency
New Approach to ESOL - report published
16-18 and post 19 funding transfer bulletins
LSIS New National Improvement Strategy - core principles for self improvement - and Strategic Ambitions
Handbook for the Inspection of Further Education and Skills - covers inspections from 2009
Common Inspection Framework - guidance on the preparation for and conduct of inspections
Implementation of 14-19 reforms, including the introduction of Diplomas - report
Third Sector Skills - Real Help Now - list of help available to employers and learners in Third Sector
Reports by UKCES on: UKCES Annual Report and strategic plan; Talentmap; Women and Work.

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WMCOP Bulletin - June 2009

Key contents
New Department for Education - the creation of BIS from the merging of BERR and DIUS. See also LSIS brief guide and Edexcel comments
Independent Review of ICT User Skills - Estelle Morris
Report on qualifications fees by Ofqual
14-19 Inspection plan for Schools - no more 'light touch' inspections
EHRC report 'Staying On' researching career choices that imped girls' progress
LSIS New Chief Executive
NIACE report calling for greater collaboration between private and public learning providers
Ambition 2020 - LSIS comments
3000 New apprenticeship places to be funded
NIACE 2009 survey of adult learning and response from DIUS
£2million to improve sexual health services at FE colleges
Youth work apprenticeship - revised framework
Workforce strategy for FE sector - review and new themes
WMCETT Regional IfL connector appointed
Video of Select Committee Teacher Training Inquiry
Ofsted responses to proposed changes to FE and Skills Inspections
New Minister for Third Sector
Gold Dust 2 - new resources for Teacher Educators

To read our June Bulletin please click here

WMCOP Bulletin - May 2009

Key contents:
Budget 2009 - comments from DIUS and LSIS
Ambition 2020: World Class Skills and Jobs for the UK. A report from the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES)
Re-skilling for recovery: After Leitch implementing skills and training policies
Building Britain's Future - new industry, new jobs. The Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR)
Self-regulation - shifting the paradigm
Implementing the Workforce Strategy - revised March 2009
Implementing the Workforce Strategy: A Guide for Learning Providers - March 2009
LSN Report on CPD: Rethinking CPD in FE: Eight things you already know about CPD
UK Employment and Skills in a global recession by Tom Berwick
The future of further education - An opinion survey
Who does what in the 14-19 system
Tackling Worklessness - Stephen Houghton
Engagement and Aspiration: Reconnecting Policy Making with Front Line Professionals from Sunningdale Institute
Safe from Bullying in further education colleges published by DCSF and DIUS

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WMCOP Bulletin - April 2009

Key contents:
Discussion video - Ken Robinson
Sir Andrew Foster's report 'A review of the Capital Programme in Further Education' and responses by professional bodies
The Learning Revolution White Paper on the future for informal adult learning
Publication of latest achievement figures on Apprenticeships, Train to Gain and FE Colleges
Employability Skills - publication by UK Literacy Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) on current practice and core principles
Skills for Life core curriculum launched online
IfL response to the Ofsted report on initial teacher training
IfL publishes guidelines for CPD
Ofsted - new framework for Inspections

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WMCOP Bulletin - March 2009

Key contents:
Discussion document: Frank Coffield 'Just Suppose teaching and learning became the first priority....'
The Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Bill
New Opportunities White Paper
Marriage - it's your choice
LSIS Statement of Strategic Direction
National Improvement Strategy
New report on workforce development 'Reaching Further: Workforce development through employer-FE college partnership'
Evaluation of PTLLS
IfL Five Year Strategy
Article ' Who Cares about the White Working Class?'
Niace - new website from Third Sector National Learning Alliance (TSNLA)

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