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WMCOP Bulletin February 2011

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Welcome to the February edition of our Community of Practitioners' Bulletin - your link to what's happening in Teacher Education in the Lifelong Learning Sector. 

The main events this month are the publication of the Wolf report into vocational education and David Willetts' speech to the UK Spring Conference. 

We'd welcome your views and any recommendations you have on articles, books or useful websites you've discovered so email us at: and share your ideas.

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News from the Profession


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News from the profession

government news


Skills for Sustainable Growth Strategy:  The Government is taking the proposals from the Skills for Sustainable Growth strategy through the Education Bill which was introduced to the House of Commons on 26 January.  This changes Level 2 and 3 entitlements and apprenticeship offers as well as the way colleges deliver.  For more information see: 

The Wolf Report:  The 'Review of Vocational Education - The Wolf Report' by Alison Wolf into vocational education has been published.  It looks at the issues with the current system of vocational education for 14-19 year olds and makes 27 recommendations, including enabling FE teachers with QTLS to teach in schools.  Read the report at: Download a transcript of Professor Wolf's interview on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme on 3 March 2011 at:

Latest NEETs figures:  The latest figures for young people not in employment, education or training make sad reading at:
Read the Government response at:

David Willetts' speech at the Universities UK Spring Conference 2011:  This is an important speech which looks at the Government's vision for HE.  It looks at opening the system up to a wider range of providers and a more flexible way of funding.  He also looks forward to funding for ITT both in schools and FE.  Read the speech at:

Funding for Universities:  HEFCE announced in February, the main decisions on the provisional distribution of funding to universities and colleges in 2011-12.  Read it at:
See David Willett's comments at:

Research Excellence Framework: Report from HEFCE on the weighting of research impact for 2014 can be seen at: 

University Students Charter:  The Government today received the final report from the Student Charter Group. It provides a good practice toolkit for universities and students' unions to develop charters at an institutional level. 
Read David Willett's comments at:

Student involvement in Higher Education:  At the Dearing Higher Education Conference at the University of Nottingham, Sir Alan Langlands, Chief Executive of HEFCE talked on the importance of student involvement to quality improvement in higher education and funding arrangements.  Read his speech at:

Studies on flexible and innovation university provision:  HEFCE has published three studies relating to flexible and innovative provision 'Diverse provision in higher education: options and challenges', 'Costing study of accelerated two-year honours degrees: a report to HEFCE by Liz Hart Associates' and 'Flexible Learning Pathfinders: key statistics 2008-09'.  The three publications can be accessed through a statement by Heather Fry, HEFCE's Director (Education and Participation) at:

Review of JISC:  This report sets out the findings and recommendations of the review chaired by Professor Sir Alan Wilson into the strategy, activities and effectiveness of the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) and makes recommendations for restructuring.  Read it at: 



LSIS Funding for 2011-12:  Funding has been agreed for LSIS to support quality improvement in the further education and skills sector for 2011-12 - some details available at:

Regional Response Fund:  LSIS has set up a new regional response fund for bids to 'help organisations to respond quickly to the challenges of  reduced funding and new priorities; and promote collaborative, sector-led activities that allow providers to enhance quality improvement in straitened times.' Details at:

LSIS picks up Becta Functions and links with JISC Advance:  LSIS has taken on the following funcations from Becta: Generator-e maturity tool; Technology exemplar network, the e-leadership online module and in addition, they will be beuilding on Becta's research in the FE sector.  See article at:  The concordat with JISC can be read at:

Equality Act 2010: LSIS together with the YPLA is running a series of events on the Equality Act for details see:



The new ‘Client Entitlement Statement’ for adult career service users: this has been published on the LLUK website at:

FE Workforce Strategy - A development for Local Adult Learning Providers:  This document supports the Workforce Strategy and can be read at:

Equality Act 2010 - Sexual Orientation Factsheet:  LLUK have published a factsheet on sexual orientation which gives the interpretation of the legislation in the Equality Act 2010.  Read it at: 



Wolf Report:  IfL's work leading to the Wolf recommendation that teachers with QTLS be recognised to teach in schools and how IfL are influencing policy can be read at:

IfL to become self-funding:  IfL announces changes to its membership funding arrangements at:  However this is being challenged by the Unions.



QCDA Website:  QCDA is closing as part of the Government's reforms and it's website will be reduced in April.  For details see:

 Policy watch


Pearson Research Institute publish Policy Watch.  It contains commentary and opinion on Government initiatives and can be found at:  The latest articles are:

Policy tracker for February
Youth Unemployment
Access to HE
Education Bill - second reading
What skills do creative industries need.....

sector news


Sector News:  a weekly update from the educational press can be read here.



SCETT Publication:  'In Defence of Teacher Education' (March 2011) by Professor Dennis Hayes, Hon. Secretary, the Standing Committee for the Education and Training of Teachers (SCETT).  This pamphlet presents the argument for education as a field of study essential for future teachers.  Read it here

RDM Newsletter:   The LSIS regional newsletter for January can be read here