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WMCOP Bulletin January 2010

Happy New Year

Welcome to the January edition of our Community of Practitioners' Bulletin - your link to what's happening in Teacher Education in the Lifelong Learning Sector.   

Things have settled down in December and January in the Education sector with Reports building on previous initiatives and evaluating performance - just as well you may think!  There are several interesting reports and hopefully you will find them stimulating.

This month but we suggest our Discussion is 'Unleashing Aspiration: The Government Response to the Final Report of the Panel on Fair Access to the Professions' and we'd like to hear your views.  If you have any recommendations for articles, books or useful websites you've discovered do email us at and share your ideas.

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News from the Profession 

Discussion document  


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News from the Profession: 

BIS has been fairly quiet on the education front since November but the following are of interest:

Unleashing Aspiration:  The Government's response to the final report by the Panel on Fair Access to the Professions.  Read it at:  This is also our discussion document this month.

Two strategy documents were published in December: Building Britain's Recovery: Achieving Full Employment and Investing in Potential.  These give the Government's strategy to increase the number of 16-24 year olds in education, employment and training and support the Backing Young Britain campaign and the September Guarantee.  Both documents can be found at

Going for Growth  The Department for Business, Innovation & Skills has continued to build on its 'Skills for Growth: The National Skills Strategy' published in November with 'Going for Growth' which describes how the Government has implemented the agenda first set out in New Industry New Jobs in 2009.  It signposts 7 key areas:  supporting enterprise and entrepreneurial activity; fostering knowledge creation and its innovative application; helping people develop the skills and capabilities to reach their personal and economic potential; investing in the infrastructure required to support a low carbon economy; ensuring open and competitive markets allowing business to grow; building on our industrial strengths in sectors where we have expertise and investing to foster new comparative advantage; understanding and employing the right strategic role for government in markets enabling us to capitalise on new opportunities.  The report can be downloaded at  In December it also published 'Partnerships for Growth' a National framework for regional and local economic development which is at

 Right to request time for training.  The right to request time to train was included in the Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Act, which received Royal Assent in November 2009 and guidance is available through Businesslink at  Initially it is available to employees in organisations with 250 or more employees from April 2010 before being extended to all employees from April 2011. This will give smaller organisations and businesses more time to prepare for the introduction of the new right.

UK and India commit to stronger education links:  The Indian Minister Sibal visited the UK and met with BIS to discuss stronger cooperation in education between the UK and India via the UK-India Education Forum.  The forum reaffirmed its commitment to work together to promote co-operation in areas such as vocational skills development and the creation of innovative universities - both here and in India. See article at

Vocational Qualifications and the QCF.  Information on the key changes and the timetable for change are at: 

The BIS FE and Skills e-Newsletter for December is at

LSIS (Learning and Skills improvement service)

Flexibility and Innovation Fund. The second round of bidding for this fund is now open.  Learning and skills providers may bid for funding either individually or together for up to £90,000 for innovative projects which drive up standards across the sector.  See Excellence Gateway page at

Guide to LSIS services 2009-10: A summary: This is a really useful and comprehensive listing of all the LSIS support and services for staff at all levels in the learning and skills sector.  Read it at:  There are also guides for workbased providers and leaders and managers and governance.  See all the guides at:

New Safe Colleges guidance website launched - with guidance for keeping learners safe at college.  For details see: and the website is at:

LSIS Policy Update 29 see includes articles on:
The Chancellor's Pre-budget report (see page 2)
OECD report on local skills strategies
Ofsted questions college self-assessments
BIS funding for apprenticeships in engineering construction
JISC report that colleges must reduce carbon emissions (page 6)

  LLUK (Lifelong Learning UK) and SVUK (Standards Verification UK)

Report from the LLUK Annual Conference with video clips from speakers is at includes speeches on the Knowledge Economy, Innovation, innovation, innovation and Investing in the Lifelong Learning Workforce.

2008-2009 Annual Review.  LLUK have published an annual review entitled Innovation During a Recession: How skills for learning professionals will drive economic recovery, it provides a snapshot of the way they work and an insight into some of the things they did for lifelong learning in 2008-2009.

LLUK has produced a useful Application Guide 'Using Technology to Support Learning for Teachers, Tutors and Trainers in the Lifelong Learning Sector' which links technology to the 6 Domains.  Read it at:

A summary of LLUK's services 'Lifelong UK's work for the further education sector in England: An Overview' is at:

The LLUK e-bulletin can be accessed at

Institute for Learning (IfL)

Learning and Development Standards.  A response by IfL to the new Standards being developed by LLUK discussing their concerns is at:

CPD Review 2008-2009 shows that 98% of members who declare their CPD are doing more than the required hours.  A copy of the Review is at:

Research and Policy Hub.  IfL has launched a new area for members to share ideas and comment on the new developments in the further education and skills sector.  It can be found at:  A research Report 'Becoming Professional: An Investigation into the Experiences, Perceptions and Aspirations of the New Institute for Learning' can also be found on that link.

Tips on ReFlect.  IfL and Becta have put some tips on using Reflect, an e-portfolio and Pebble on  They are also inviting members to contribute to their research by completing a short survey on the same link.

The IfL has published  its second annual membership survey report.  Read it at:

WMCETT Regional IfL Connector Anne Schofield has a webpage for advice and support at:


The news for the further education sector is as last edition but as there were some key reports I've included them again

The Ofsted Annual Report 2008-09 has been published.  See the main summary at:  The Learning and skills summary gives an overview of college and workplace provider inspections at: and the Teaching and Learning summary gives an overview of the key characteristics of good learning at:

Ofsted have produced a survey report which evaluates the impact of provision funded by Train to Gain on the skills and qualifications held by adult employees in England 'The Impact of Train to Gain on Skills in Employment'  Read it at:

Talisman:  The latest edition of Talisman can be found at: it includes an article and figures from the annual report.  The January Talisman has and ICT theme with articles and tips including e-safety, campaign for 14-19 year olds ( Diploma for 14-19s ( and an article on Becta (

Report on 'The Economic value of Intermediate Vocational Education and Qualifications' was published in January.  It reviews the economic value of intermediate vocational qualifications and the full report is at:

The Labour Market across the UK in the Current Recession  The Office for National Statistics has published a document providing details of labour market trends during the current recession. It includes comparisons of changes in employment and unemployment rates between regions of the UK, urban and rural areas and also quintiles of deprivation.  It suggests that the West Midlands had the largest increase in the unemployment rate (by 3.9 percentage points).  Read it at:

The Intelligence Newsletter is at:  Reports mentioned which may be of interest are:
Achieving Equality for Women and Men at Work.  Report at
Helping Young People not in Education, Employment or Training in England.  Report at
Impact of Basic Skills Trainingat
Research on Decisions About and Routes through Higher Educationat
The Widening education gap in Britain at
Effective Practice in Raising Young People’s Aspirations at
The 'Spotlight' feature this month is 'Securing the Recovery: Growth and Opportunity', the 2009 Pre-Budget Report.

Edexcel Policy Watch
Policy Watch comments on:
SCAAT and UCAS point scores for 14-19 Diplomas compared with GCSEs and A levels:
The Pre-Budget report
A Guide to the education landscape for 2010
Emerging strategies for 16-24 year olds
Going for Growth Government strategy paper

Edexcel Policy Watch is online at
Sector News
 For the latest from the educational papers each week see
Discussion Document
Unleashing AspirationThe Government response to the Final Report of the Panel on Fair Access to the Professions.  Your thoughts and comments would be welcome, please email them to


LSIS Brief Guides:  LSIS publish Brief Guides on key policy topics for the further education and skills sector and a list of these, together with links, is available at:

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Gold Dust 2.  There are lots of really good resources and a new website which is much easier to use - do have a look on

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