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WMCOP Bulletin June 2010

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Welcome to the June edition of our Community of Practitioners' Bulletin - your link to what's happening in Teacher Education in the Lifelong Learning Sector.

This month starts the process of how the Government is moving forward in the lifelong learning sector and the priorities for the next few years. 

We'd welcome your views and any recommendations you have on articles, books or useful websites you've discovered so email us at: and share your ideas.

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A clearer picture of the Government's agenda for the Further Education sector has been emerging this month together with how the BIS savings to its budget will affect the sector.  The following are key speeches:

SPEECHES BY JOHN HAYES (Minister of State for Further Education, Skills and Lifelong Learning)

Queen's Speech Forum: Skills Strategy:  John Hayes set out the Government's plans to reform the FE system in a speech on 10 June at the Queen's Speech Forum.  He gave the priorities as:  Devolution of power with the learning sector and removing barriers so that providers can offer what their customers want; Eliminating waste and efficiency, including refocusing the Train to Gain programme; Placing the informed, empowered individual at the heart of the learning process, rather than targets and numbers.  Read the speech at:

City and Islington College: New Freedom for Colleges:  Speaking on 17 June at City and Islington College in London John Hayes said he was lifting restrictions on how colleges operate by removing beauracracy including the need for Ofsted inspections for outstanding colleges.  Read his speech at:

£50 Million College Building Programme Announced:  Around 150 colleges who have yet to benefit from the building fund are now able to bid for funding for college buildings from the Skills Funding Agency.  Details at:

SPEECHES BY DAVID WILLETTS (Minister of State for Universities and Science)

University Challenge:  In a speech at Oxford Brookes University on 11 June, David Willetts set out the Government's ideas for the Higher education sector.  He sees the weaknesses as the quality of teaching and the financial model and suggests external examination as a way forward. See

HEFCE (Higher Education Funding Council England): Due to changes in charity legislation, HEFCE has become the 'principle regulator' for the 110 HEIs which are exempt charities - see for details.

Employability Statements:  HEFCE has asked all funded HEI and FE institutions to publish statements on how they are enabling students to improve their employability and transition into work.  See


iGCSEs:  Nick Gibb, Schools Minister has said that State schools can now deliver the iGCSEs and they will be included in the league tables.  He has also stopped work on the new Diplomas in science, humanities and languages in favour of more traditional qualifications.

Downing Street

Health and Safety:  Downing Street announced the appointment of the Rt Hon Lord Young of Graffham as Adviser to the Prime Minister on health and safety law and practice.  Lord Young will undertake a Whitehall-wide review of the operation of health and safety laws and the growth of the compensation culture.  See article at:

FE and Skills e-Newsletter is published by BIS and edition 30, June 2010 can be read at:


'A step towards work or just stuck in a warehouse
':  An LSIS commissioned review by Mike Fletcher on whether FE offers courses that lead to employment or whether they offer courses which appear to lead to employment but in reality do not.  Read it at:

Changing public services – changing professional practices This is the report from the first of four seminars which aimed to develop our understanding of the direction of change in public services, with inputs from Sir Andrew Foster, chair of the Commission on 2020 Public Services and Lord Michael Bichard, Executive Director of the Institute for Government and Chair of the high-level officials’ group for Total Place. 

Flexibility and Innovation Fund:  Bids for projects close on Friday 2 July - for information see

Policy Update no 4
This month's policy update can be read at: and includes comment on: 
HM Treasury’s Emergency Budget 2010;
John Hayes’ letter to providers;
BIS funding letter to Skills Funding Agency;
Funding bids for college building projects available;
Francis Maude calls for a radical shift in the relationship between citizens and the state; 
Accolades for the learning and skills sector in Queen’s Birthday Honours list  


New research sparks call to FE providers to embed technology in their teaching
:  Figures reveal that 49% of people would feel more confident using technology in the workplace if it had been incorporated into their training and education.  Unfortunately the source is not cited but the article can be read at:

2010 Sector Skills Assessment open to Employers:  Employers are invited to complete the survey at:

The LLUK Bulletin can be accessed at:

ifl (institute for learning)

IfL welcomed the Government's plans
to remove the requirement for Ofsted inspections of outstanding colleges and for colleges and training providers to complete summary statements of activity.  See article at:

Declare your CPD:  You can now declare your CPD hours for the year 2009-10. All you have to do is confirm the number of CPD hours completed for the year and provide a few brief details.


Ofsted's newspaper for learning and skills can be read at: and has the following key articles this month (issue 85 April/May):

Apprentices are the rising stars of the workforce and Christine Gilbert visit to Andrew Collinge
Planning for the Future: Ofsted finds careers advice is hit and miss
Recipe for Success - Jamie Oliver's new qualification for FE
Learning to Save Lives - Berkshire Fireservice training
Improving by example - Ofsted Good Practice database
Reflections on employment by Susan Anderson, Director of Education and Skills, CBI

UKCES (UK Commission for employment and skills)

Business Plan 2010/11
:  The full or summary plan can be read at: which details the 3 strategic priorities for UKCES as:

1   Building a more strategic, agile and demand-led employment and skills system
2   Maximising individual opportunity for skills and sustainable employment
3   Increasing employer ambition, engagement and investment in skills

'Progression from Vocational and Applied learning to Higher Education Across the UK':  A new publication looking at progression routes to higher level skills provision in England for those with applied and vocational qualifications.  Read it at:

Intelligence:  This is the newsletter of UKCES which can be read at:  Key articles for June are:

Spotlight: High Performance working
Barriers and Triggers to participation in education, learning and training
Intergenerational educational mobility in England
Council's and their role in supporting young people's education and training
Progression in life and learning
Benefits of employer engagement in education
Educational attainment and training levels for people with disabilities
Rising youth employment and the long term consequences

edexcel policy watch 

Pearson Research Institute publish Policy Watch on behalf of Edexcel.  It gives commentary and opinion on the Government initiatives and a summary of What's New each month.  Policy Watch can be found at:  

sector news

For the latest from the Educational papers see WMCETT Sector News