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WMCOP Bulletin March 2011


Welcome to the March edition of our Community of Practitioners' Bulletin - your link to what's happening in Teacher Education in the Lifelong Learning Sector.

The main events this month are the budget, the publication by BIS of a Plan for Growth and changes to the revised teaching qualifications.

The Plan for Growth details how the Government is going to achieve their targets. This includes creating a more educated and flexible workforce and the announcement of more apprenticeships and work placements.

The revised qualifications for teaching and learning professionals are now being phased in with PTLLS available from 1 April and the other qualifications following later in the year.

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news from the profession

Government news


Plan for Growth: As part of the budget, the Government has published a Plan for Growth with the following aims: 'to create the most competitive tax system in the G20; to make the UK one of the best places in Europe to start, finance and grow a business; to encourage investment and exports as a route to a more balanced economy; and to create a more educated workforce that is the most flexible in Europe. See A video of Vince Cable discussing the plan for growth is at:

Plan for Growth for educating the workforce: To meet the aims for 'creating a more educated workforce that is the most flexible in Europe' the Government has today announced an £180 million package for 50,000 additional apprenticeships, an additional 80,000 work placements for young people, and a capital investment of £100 million in science and funding for 24 University Technical Colleges. See Ambition 4 page 40 at

New Technical Academies: The Department for Education press release following the budget, including funding for the new academies can be read at:

Review of Teaching Qualifications in Schools: an independent review of the key skills that school teachers need to improve performance has been launched. See details at:

QCDA Evaluation of Functional Skills Pilot: The summative report of this review can be found at:

Green Paper on Special Educational Needs: The Department for Education has published a green paper on SEN which proposes plans to cover young people up to 25 years old. Read the press release with details at: and the Green Paper at:

BIS Local Offices: In future BIS will have local offices and the contact at the West Midlands will be Ian Smith - see details at:


Growth Investment Fund: The GIF is to help employer groups overcome barriers to growth within their sectors and industries. The funding could deliver new training to boost innovation and productivity, enable industries to set new professional standards, or support new or extended National Skills Academies. Read the article at:

Student Finance: Details of loans and repayment schemes for those wanting to go to university from next year are published at:

Capital Funding for Colleges: The Skills Funding Agency have announced a sum of £25.7 million is to be shared among colleges that have not received substantial capital allocations in the past two years. Colleges will receive a minimum grant of £42,000 and the maximum grant payable will be limited to £200,000. See

HEFCE Funding for Universities and Colleges: £6.5 billion funding has been announced by HEFCE for details see: Capital investment funding to support teaching and research for HEIs and FE colleges can be found at:



Qualifications for teaching and learning professionals: There will now be a phased introduction of the revised qualifications for teaching and learning professionals. The revised level 3 and 4 PTLLS qualifications will be available for Awarding Organisations to develop into qualifications from Friday 1 April 2011. However the rest of the revised qualifications will be phased in to enable them to be updated following publication of relevant policy reports during the year. It is hoped that they will be available from September 2011. For details see: Responsiblity for these qualifications will move to LSIS who will work with IfL on this from 31 March when LLUK ceases its operations.
The Healthy FE Framework: LSIS is offering a grant of up to £1000 to 20 Work-based learning, adult and community learning and offender learning providers to help them review and appraise the Healthy FE Framework for suitability and accessibility for their learners and staff. Closing date 22 March 2011. Details at: 

Regional Response Fund Projects: Details of successful projects for the Regional Response Fund can be found at:



Implementing the FE Workforce Strategy: This 'refreshed' strategy published March 2011 sets out the key issues facing the sector with the actions needed to ensure the implementation of the Workforce Stragegy in the months ahead. Read it at:

The Equality Framework for Further Education: A Guide to the Equality Framework introduces the principles of the framework and supplies guidance on its implementation whilst The Equality Framework for Further Education sets out the framework itself. There are also self assessment toolkits for the 3 stages of the Framework: Developing, Achieving and Excelling and validation forms for those colleges undertaking peer review. Details at:

The Equality Act 2010 Factsheets: Factsheets on different aspects of the Equality Act including an Overview, Religion and Belief, Race, Pregnancy and Maternity, Civil Partnership and Marriage, Gender and Discrimination can be found at:

Annual Workforce Diversity Profile: The Annual Workforce Diversity Profile is a comprehensive analysis of the further education college workforce in England. It provides an analysis of trends across age, disability, ethnicity and gender in order to address workforce under-representation, development, progression and succession planning. Read it at:

Retaining and Developing Disabled staff in the Lifelong Learning Sector: This guide is intended to support the lifelong learning sector to make the reasonable adjustments disabled employees require, and take anticipatory measures required by recent legislation. Reat it at:



Interview with Alison Wolf: Following the Wolf report read the interview with IfL at:

Concessionary Fees: IfL has announced a change in concessionary fees following the revised personal tax allowance announced in the budget. Read details at:

Policy Watch


Pearson Research Institute publish Policy Watch. It contains commentary and opinion on Government initiatives and can be found at: The latest articles are:

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Sector news

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