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WMCOP Bulletin May 2009



Welcome to the May edition of our Community of Practitioners' Bulletin - your link to what's happening in Teacher Education in the Lifelong Learning Sector.

There are a number of different reports out this month which seem to represent a sea change and we'd like you to share your views on the direction that education is taking. 

There are also some calls for help in Swap Shop and we'd like to hear your views and any recommendations you have on articles, books or useful websites you've discovered so email us at and share your ideas.

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News from the Profession: 

dius logo   DIUS

Budget 2009
Letters on the budget and its implications for education:
Letter from John Denham to LSC setting out the Government's priorities and the implications for further education and skills and how he wants the LSC to respond - see

Letter from John Denham to Stakeholders on the funding in the budget for jobs and skills including £260m for training and subsidies to help 18-24 year olds in skills training and work-focused, pre-employment training.  Read it at

See also the LSIS summary in their Policy Update no 14 at

Ambition 2020: World Class Skills and Jobs for the UK
A report from the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) setting out the UKs current international position on skills and jobs and where it would like the UK to be in 2020.  The full report of 160 pages can be viewed at  The first 15 pages 'In a Nutshell' give a useful overview.

Edexcel's Policy Watch 2009/26 comments in 'World Class Skills and Jobs for the UK. The UK Commission reports on progress' - see below 

Re-skilling for recovery: After Leitch implementing skills and training policies
Report by the House of Commons Innovation Universities, Science & Skills Committee - Important report questioning the fundamental philosophy of the Leitch report in today's economic context with the need to reskill rather than upskill.  Read the full report at  The conclusions section provides a good summary pages 80-91.

John Denham announced a new policy of 'skills activism' in response to this report in a speech delivered at the Royal Society of Arts on 1 April - see

Building Britain's Future - new industry, new jobs
The Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR) unveiled a new plan to support key sectors and functions of the national economy.  The new policy cites key areas for future success and ensuring the education and training system delivers them as innovation, finance, infrastructure and trade.  Press release can be viewed at and a summary is in the LSIS Policy update no 13 at but if you have time worth reading the whole report on

New Websites
Dius has a new website  and would welcome your comments at

Train to Gain also has a new website linking with Business Link to provide a one-stop shop for business at

 The DIUS Newsletter is online at

LSIS logo   LSIS (Learning and Skills Improvement Service)

FE, Skills and the Economy
The LSIS Policy Update gives a useful summary of the budget and its implications for Jobs and business investment, Education and capital spending, industrial activism, value for money and devolution

The letter from John Denham on skills activism can be read at

Summary of 'New Industry, New Jobs is given in Policy update no 13 page 4 at

On a local front an analysis by the Work Foundation found umemployment has risen fastest in Midlands (7.3 percent of Birmingham's workforce is claiming benefit), North of England and South Wales.  See Policy update no 13

Self-regulation - shifting the paradigm
Report of the LSIS seminar series held between October 08 and March 09 provides the basis on which Dius, Single Voice and Lsis move forward and sets out 7 areas and actions for discussion.  Read it at

Lots going on around this at the moment!
National Apprenticeships Service (NAS) has been launched by the LSC with responsibility for the end to end delivery of apprenticeships across England.
Dius has opened the bidding for apprenticeship training agencies (ATAs) to delivery up to 15,000 apprenticeships by 2014/15 academic year.

See Policy Update pages 4 & 5

The Joint Council for Qualifications has requested Ed Balls to delay the introduction of the academic versions of the 14-19 Diplomas - see page 8 of Policy Update:

Also in Policy Update are comments on the following which you might find interesting:
Unemployment continues to rise - DWP figures for end February 09 - page 4
Jobseekers allowance extension to Graduates on work placement - page 4
Only 72% of state school students took the English Literature GCSE in 2008 - page 8
New Deals for Communities (NDC) programme to get £250m to help create jobs and fight crime in poorer communities - page 11
DCSF new sex education guidelines will allow faith schools to teach these lessons in the context, values and ethos of their faiths - p15
The LSIS Newsletter Policy Update can be downloaded from

LSIS Learns from the legacy of QIA: providers' views
This report is a summary of responses to a survey of LSC-funded learning providers on performance and future strategies.  Read it at

 LLUK logo   LLUK (Lifelong Learning UK) and SVUK (Standards Verification UK)

Implementing the Workforce Strategy
The workforce strategy has been reviewed (March 2009) and 2 new themes around leadership and management and flexible fair and supportive working environment introduced.  The revised version can be downloaded at - sorry so hot off the press lluk says link not on website yet - will put link asap.  In the meantime it can be viewed at: workforce strategy revised

Implementing the Workforce Strategy: A Guide for Learning Providers
This Guide has been designed to support the planning and development of your workforce based on discussion with providers and can be read at - sorry so hot off the press its not on the website yet but see it at: Workforce Strategy: A Guide for Learning Providers

An evaluation of the first year and a one-year Implementation Plan have also been developed.  Read the LLUK brief at  

The LLUK e-bulletin can be accessed via:

IfL logo   Institute for Learning (IfL)

WMCETT Regional IfL Connector appointed.  We are delighted to announce that Anne Schofield has been appointed - more news to follow in the next Bulletin.

IfL Governance Update
Proposals for more members to be involved in governing IfL.  Details at

Easier application process for QTLS and ATLS
The IfL are improving the application process for Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills or Associate Teacher Learning and Skills to make it easier to complete. The expression of intent form will now be available from late May until 30 June  and the closing date for completed applications is 31 October. Before then, we suggest you visit our website for more information and begin to collect evidence as required.  See 

Ofsted logo Ofsted

Ofsted's newspaper for learning and skills.  There are 2 issues referred to in this Bulletin:

Talisman no 74 can be downloaded at:

Talisman no 75 can be downloaded at:

Particular articles worth a look are:

Upturn dependent on skills and training
Comments on the Re-skilling for recovery: After Leitch, implementing skills and training policies report giving the views of MPs. (Talisman 74)

Top Firms take the skills Pledge
New firms which have taken the pledge to help employees to acquire basic literacy and numeracy skills and work towards level 2 qualifications. (Talisman 74)

Apprenticeships, Skills, Childrens and Learning Bill
Christine Gilbert, HM Chief Inspector looks at the implications (page 3, Talisman 74)

Funding for Improvement
SMBs can now prepare and train staff through a more flexible Train to Gain package (page 3, Talisman 74)

National Learner Panel
Report on the impact of the NLP on Ofsted inspections (page 4 of Talisman 74)
A learner perspective to the Learning and Skills Council on the Framework for Excellence and Single Equality Scheme (page 7 of Talisman 75)

Apprenticeships at the forefront
comment on apprneticeships including apprenticeships week, awards and National Apprenticeship Service (page18, Talisman 74)

Prison Service - 2 reports from Ofsted on learning and skills for prisoners
Learning and skills for the longer-serving prisoner and learning and Skills for offenders serving short custodial sentices.  Article with links to reports. (front page, Talisman 75).  There are also a number of articles on the prison service in this issue.

Give your staff the freedom to innovate
Response to the Cabinet Office report Excellence and Fairness by Tony Davis, HMI (page 12, Talisman 75)


Report on CPD - see Discussion Document
'Rethinking continuing professional development in further education: Eight things you already know about CPD'
This report by Frank Villeneuve-Smith, Chris West and Balj Bhinder focusses on things to consider around CPD - also see below at the discussion document for this month

UK Employment and Skills in a global recession
A report by Tom Berwick examines the role of sectoral training policy in the context of the wider employment and skills system in the UK.  See article at and the full report at

The future of further education - An opinion survey
This research report investigates the future direction of the FE sector and whether there is any consensus on key issues and the degree to which people support the government's vision for the future at


JISC's Regional Support Centre - RSC WM  is hosting a free online e-learning event 'Discover-e 2009' from 19-21 May.  For more information and to register

Edexcel logo   Edexcel Policy Watch

Articles from Policy Watch

World Class Skills and Jobs for the UK.  The UK Commission reports on progress
Policy Watch briefing on the Ambition 2020 report (see DIUS above) and looks at how we are doing at

Another testing season begins with a flurry of announcements
The latest announcements on Key Stage testing and assessment at

Efficiency and Activism
Two words to characterise education reform over the coming months - see what they are all about at

Who does what in the 14-19 system
Recent developments are given in this document at

Budget 2009
What was in the budget for education and skills at

Edexcel Policy Watch is online at

Sector News

For the latest from the Educational papers each week see WMCETT Sector News 


The LSIS Newsletter - Teaching and Learning Programme, Issue 5 Spring 2009 is now published and gives a lot of useful information on the TLP programmes.  It is available online at

LSIS Newsletter - Quality Improvement, Spring 2009 highlights how policymakers and practitioners in the learning and skills sector are engaging with research and evidence to improve practice.  Read it at

The Houghton Review
Tackling Worklessness: A Review of the Contribution and Role of English Local Authorities by Cllr Stephen Houghton.  Report into what more central Government departments can do to support local partners to deliver better employment and skills services; how the private sector, social enterprises and third sector and RDAs can do more to help local partners and how agencies like the LSC and Jobcentre Plus can tailor their services to meet the needs of the most disadvantages areas.

Report from the Sunningdale Institute on Engagement and Aspiration
'Engagement and Aspiration: Reconnecting Policy Making with Front Line Professionals' looks into the second of the 3 strategies published in the 2008 Cabinet Office report 'Excellence and Fairness'.  The focus is 'fostering a new professionalism across the whole public service workforce' it demonstrates the Government's continuing commitment to less prescriptive, and more autonomous public service management.  See the LSIS Brief Guide on or the full report at

Latest Discussion Document:

We are highlighting 2 documents this month.  The first is around CPD as the date for completing records for IfL draws ever closer!  The second is 'Safe from Bullying in further education colleges'.

'Rethinking continuing professional development in further education: Eight things you already know about CPD'
This report by Frank Villeneuve-Smith, Chris West and Balj Bhinder focusses on things to consider around CPD and is published by LSN at

'Safe from Bullying in further education colleges' published by DCSF and DIUS this guidance outlines what bullying might take place in further education (FE) colleges and the steps that can be taken to prevent bullying happening in the first place and to respond effectively when it does occur

Your chance to ask others in the COP for Teacher Educator resources, ideas etc for particular projects or share great finds

LSIS resource cards 'Rethinking Induction: Planning the Learner Experience'  Set of cards designed for SLCs but useful for Teacher Educators to plan induction.  Now available for download at

This e-book looks at how to record, edit and publish a podcast and the implications of using podcasts for teaching and learning.  Try it at

Conferences and Events

Three Counties Professional Development Partnership are holding a Showcase Event at The Royal National College for the Blind, Hereford on 7 July from 10.30 to 3.30pm.  Colleagues in the partnership colleges will be exhibiting and presenting new ideas and activities.  For more information contact

LSIS have published their summer programme for Subject Learning Coach training.  Details at:

Books, journals, websites etc