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Other useful information

Our colleagues at HUDCETT have also recommended the following websites:


Useful books suggested by HUDCETT

Clutterbuck,D. And Megginson,M. (2004) Techniques for coaching and Mentoring Butterworth Heinemann: Oxford

HUDCETT suggest that this “examines a range of interventions that mentors and coaches can employ when working one to one with others.”

Herman,L. And Mandell, A. (2004) From Teaching to Mentoring: Principles and Practice, Dialogue and Life in Adult Education Routledge Falmer: London

“A useful focus on adult education.” (HUDCETT)

Miller, A. (2002) Mentoring Students and Young People Kogan Page: London

“Offers a thorough and very useful overview with a focus on peer mentoring” (HUDCETT)

Parsloe,E. And Wray, M. (2000) Coaching and Mentoring practical methods to improve learning Kogan Page: London

“This explores the principles of coaching and mentoring” (HUDCETT)

Pegg, M.(2000) The Art of Mentoring Management Books: Chalford

“Based in business but examines what it takes to establish a successful mentoring relationship” (HUDCETT)

Starr, J. (2003) The Coaching Manual Pearson Education

“An excellent resource on coaching” (HUDCETT)